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Working Mothers

Finding a job in healthcare
Stepping up the rungs of the healthcare career ladder begins with that crucial cornerstone: finding your first job. Whether you're a recent high school grad or a senior who's exploring career options, one out of every five jobs created from now until 2014 will be in the healthcare field, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.read more

Ways to Find a Work/Life Balance
Many people I speak with feel overwhelmed by work. They feel they don't have time to get everything done, and still have the time and energy to enjoy other aspects of their lives. The truth is, we are often so busy working, worrying, and feeling frustrated, that we don't take the time to stop and really look at what is going on with us, and what needs to shift to allow us to live happier, healthier lives.read more

Women Establishing Credibility in Business
In today’s business world, women are a growing part of the domestic and global workforce. It is estimated that worldwide about 70% of all working-age women now work outside of the home. Despite this, discrimination in the workforce continues to be a problem for women worldwide. Discrimination takes the form of job segregation, unequal pay, lack of training, lack of advancement, and exclusion from certain fields that are considered “masculine.” Working mothers are particularly disadvantaged since, due to lack of child care facilities, they are often forced to put their careers on hold or accept lower paying jobs. read more

Top Ten Companies for a Mom To Work For
This year we are starting a new trend. We are providing a list of what we feel are family-friendly companies to work for. These companies are on our 2005 Top 10 List of Family-Friendly companies because of their actions and their attempts at building responsiveness to women. Telecommuting, flexible schedules, job sharing and other programs are critical offerings that make companies labeled as responsive to family needs. read more

What Is Your Work Worth? Chronicles of a Work-At-Home Mom
This month SeachMothers.com is chronicling the work-life experiences of a work-at-home-mom. This month it is Marie Feazell, a Mom to two, and the owner of 'Work At Home Mom Help' and online business consultant. read more

Online Networking Using Social Networking Software
How can you continue to leverage the power of networking online and still find clients, get leads on job openings and develop joint ventures, all while keeping yourself interested in using these websites? You need to develop your expert status using advanced tips so that business and jobs fall into your virtual lap. read more

Pre-Screened Links

WorkingMother.com - Online magazine in association with WorkingWoman.com with features such as the "100 best companies for working mothers", National child care surveys, part-time work, sabbaticals, and more.

BlueSuitMom.com - Website with channels on Family, Career, Money, Health, Food, and Travel for Working Mothers.

MomScape - A unique website which helps moms recapture the JOY of parenting in this busy world. It also provides a look at the different roles as a mother -- as a career-woman, parent, friend, lover, and wife, as well as a way to create peace for yourself. StepMom issues and experiences are also shared.

My Mommy Biz - Advice, ideas, resources & networking for Work at Home Moms (and those who want to be). Also available for Canadian Work at Home Moms is the website: http://www.MyMommyBiz.ca

Achieving At Home - An opportunity to be a part of an online support group for moms who want to work from home. Subscribing is required at this website to get full details.

Opinions about Working Moms - Open opinion site on various topics. Click on "Kids and Family" and you will find interesting topics, messages, commentary and essay-type letters from different types of mothers and fathers on the topic of Working Mothers.

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