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Podcasts for Work-Life Balance

The Prosperity Show - by Joan Sotkin. This podcast includes tips and techniques to help one improve their relationship with money and themselves. Find out why you do what you do with your money and how to get out of your financial rut.

Mom Talk Radio - This radio talk show and podcast is dedicated to moms. It is hosted by Maria Bailey, co-author of Trillion-Dollar Moms, founder of BlueSuitMom.com and mother of four. Topics would be of interest to working and stay-at-home moms.

Work-at-Home-Moms (WAHM) - A talk radio show hosted by Kelly McCausey. It is a one-hour weekly program for moms who currently run or want to start a home-based business.

Weekend America - This is a radio show that is released as a podcast, produced by American Public Media and aired on many US public radio stations. It is co-hosted by Barbara Bogaev and Bill Radke.

The Mother of All Podcasts - a PodBazaar show by Tara, Maya and Aditi. This is a chronicle of the good times and hard times of working mothers. It's all about the work-life balance of career, kids, husband, social life, identity, and the guilt that factors into almost everything.

Purple Stars - Adventures of a techy girl. This is personal commentary on technology.

SMB Trend Wire - Podcast by Anita Campbell and Steve Rucinski. This is a conversational podcast with small business experts. They offer an in-depth format on topics of interest to small businesses.

Web Talk Radio - Co-hosted by Dana and Rob Greenlee. They provide technology news. This is produced and aired as a radio show, but also released as a podcast.

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