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Managing Your Career

Re-plan Your Goals Every 6 Months
There was a time when five-year plans were all the rage. But that was when workers can still count on signing up with a company for life. In the warp-speed world of technology, five years is an eternity. So how is one supposed to map out one`s career when the business landscape is always changing? Firstly, a plan is useless but planning is still essential. Instead of a five-year plan, try formulating a five-year vision. In that way, workers can chart a course they would like to follow. read more

In a Rut? Ready for a Career Change?
Are you unhappy at work? Tired and lacking energy and drive? Don't worry, you are not alone! Studies in the US show that up to 70 percent of the workforce is unhappy with their job at any given time. We all feel dissatisfied and frustrated with our jobs at times. So, how do you know when the feeling of dissatisfaction and frustration means it is time for a career change? read more

Health Insurance Tips Guide
Sound health is an indispensable feature of every individualís life. No targets and success can be achieved if we or our kids are physically unwell. In order to safeguard this central aspect of our life, health insurance is the need of the hour. Health insurance as we all know is the best way to secure your health against all expected and unexpected problems. Due to this almost every individual seeks to acquire a health insurance policy. read more

Top Ten Companies for a Mom To Work For
This year we are starting a new trend. We are providing a list of what we feel are family-friendly companies to work for. These companies are on our 2005 Top 10 List of Family-Friendly companies because of their actions and their attempts at building responsiveness to women. Telecommuting, flexible schedules, job sharing and other programs are critical offerings that make companies labeled as responsive to family needs. read more

Pre-Screened Links

Vault.com - Definitely a place to check out if you are looking at a job change. This site offers scoops on workplace culture, corporate culture, diversity, opportunities for advancement , business outlook, competitive landscape, employee morale, and more. There are also Interview & Recruiting advice, interview questions and detailed Salary & Compensation information. This is a four star site.

monster.com - Monster offers substantial career advice, articles and salary information.

Beyond.com Career Network - Beyond.com provides industry specific career channels with information tailored to your career goals. Select a career channel to research industry information, search jobs and build your portfolio.

TheLadders.com - For those who have come to the ceiling point in their career Ladders might be the solution. Ladders offers an opportunity to see unique high-paying executive job lists.

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