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Balancing Work and Family

Get a Life Campaign: Interview with Tyeese Gaines Rei
SearchMothers.com provides a Q&A with Dr. Tyeese Gaines Reid, author of the book "Get a Life Campaign". Dr. Reid, Physician and Author, offers a easy to use pocket guide for busy mothers who are determined to get their lives back in order and balance work and family. Each chapter teaches women how to make more time for themselves and use it wisely. It takes an upbeat look at ways to avoid the rut, squeeze the most out of busy schedules, and help busy Moms get the lives they deserve. read more

Ways to Find a Work/Life Balance
Many people I speak with feel overwhelmed by work. They feel they don't have time to get everything done, and still have the time and energy to enjoy other aspects of their lives. The truth is, we are often so busy working, worrying, and feeling frustrated, that we don't take the time to stop and really look at what is going on with us, and what needs to shift to allow us to live happier, healthier lives.read more

Five Tips For Getting the Most Out of Your Time
Are You one of those women who is always wondering (or at least sometime wondering) ''where did the time fly?'' And you think about it.. and are ''still'' wondering! Well you can actually get control of time and still have time left over for yourself..read on. read more

(Editorial) The Work and Family Balance:It's Time to Work Together
The lack of family-friendly policies is felt by both full-time Moms and employed Moms. Learn Why. read more

Let's Really Value Motherhood
(Editorial) Read this editorial by Martha Burk, Ph.D., Chair of the "National Council of Women's Organizations" from 2001-2005, and Author of Cult of Power: Sex Discrimination in Corporate America and What Can Be Done About It. She addresses the Mommy wars issue (work vs stay home moms) and how motherhood is valued in America. read more

Commentary: 3 Reasons Moms Should Have A Hobby
Moms these days are busy, but we're more stressed than ever before and in need of lifestyle choices that help us be happier. Having a hobby may be just the ticket. It can relieve stress, allow you to parent better, and provide a refreshing change from the routine. read more

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Families and Work Institute - is a nonprofit center for research that provides data to inform decision-making on the changing workforce, changing family and changing community.

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