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Mothers and Sons

Our Boys
With recent articles and blogs about Time Magazine's The Myth About Boys where do we go from here? Are books like The Minds of Boys by Michael Gurian and Kathy Stevens still worthwhile to read? Yes. Read the Belated Book Review and Commentary. read more

Raising a Boy: For the Single Mom
According to family therapist Michael Gurian, "A mom with a father involved in the boy's life typically does not have to do too much to extend out beyond who she already is. If she is alone in raising her son, however, then she has to hold onto her own identity as a woman and try to extend toward the masculine." read more

Pre-Screened Links

Parenting Boys 101 - A site with suggested reading on parenting boys.

Raising Super Men - A Q and A with the author of Raising Boys Without Men: How Maverick Moms Are Creating the Next Generation of Exceptional Men.

Mothers-Sons Project - Wellesley Centers for Women's website which look at the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute's special project or study on Mothers and Sons.

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