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Mothers and Daughters

Teenage Pregnancy
Is teen pregnancy an issue in your community? If you think it can happen in your family find out about a smart plan to confront it. Hundreds of thousands of teens nationwide are expected to participate in the annual National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy taking place on May 3, 2006 (and thereafter for several weeks). It is equally important to talk to boys and girls about preventing teen pregnancy. Sex has consequences for both a boy and a girl both emotional and physical. read more

Pre-Screened Links

Mothers and Adult Daughters - Article on the results of Penn State research which showed that, despite conflicts and complicated emotions, the tie between mothers and daughters is so positive, so strong and so enduring that 80 to 90 percent of women at mid-life say that they have a good relationship with their mother even though they wish that relationship were better.

Talking About Puberty - Q and A regarding talking to a daughter who is going through puberty.

Kotex Education Kit - PDF versions of materials for Moms to share with their daughters.

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