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The Weight Watchers Diet - The Weight Watchers diet plan has been around since the 1960's. Members attend weekly meetings where they get weighed in to track their progress. The group sessions help members form a network of support with others: sharing similar experiences, exchanging ideas, and motivating each other. The meeting is conducted by a meeting leader who offers encouragement as well as nutritional and fitness ideas.
Members follow one of two diet plans. The traditional Flex Plan, where every food is assigned a point value. Members track the total points allowed which is determined by age, gender and weight. The Flex Plan allows members to eat the foods they like, but must learn to budget the points.
The other diet plan, known as the Core Plan allows members to choose from a list of low calorie high fiber foods without counting points. This plan includes a weekly allowance for foods that are not listed in the Core Plan.

Both Weight Watchers plans are designed for gradual weight loss while promoting a healthy diet and encouraging activity.

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Weight Watchers Approach
All across America, people are planning their daily menus according to Weight Watchers' innovative point system, which assigns a certain number of points to different foods based on calories, fiber, fat, and serving size. For instance, a Quarter Pounder with cheese from McDonald's is 13 points; corn on the cob is 3. Each day, dieters attempt to stay within their maximum point range in order to lose weight. read more

5 Reasons Why Weight Watchers is One of the Top Diet Plans?
Since the early 1960s, Weight Watchers has been a kind of guru for people struggling with weight problems. So why do I think Weight Watchers is one of the top diet plans? read more

Weight Watchers Point List - the New Way to Weight Loss
Weight watchers is an international weight loss program that has been around for 40 years. It is a leading provider of weight management services with operations in 28 countries. It is committed to providing a comprehensive approach to weight loss that is based on the latest scientific thinking. It is a life-style change and is very different than any other diet program read more

How and Why Fiber Does Magic in Your Body
Since you eat fiber all of the time, then it would be a good idea to really understand what fiber is and what it does in your body.read more

Weight Loss with Water
If you think there is no easy way to lose weight - think again. The easiest weight loss method could have been staring you right in the face all this time. Here it goes: stop drinking soft drinks. Drink water instead. Dumping the soft drinks from your diet will result in dropping some serious pounds. read more

Don't Drink Your Calories!
It may well be that soda pop is mankind's worst ever discovery. If you drink soda pop, especially the caffeinated kind, it could kill you, as shown recently when a man's death seems to have been associated with his overconsumption of diet soda.read more

How S.M.A.R.T. Are You When Setting Your Weight Loss Goals?
In terms of weight loss goals, this is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. By establishing S.M.A.R.T. weight loss goals, you will show yourself that you have a solid determination and drive to get to your purpose. Setting goals is so very important to your success and will be influential in maintaining your weight loss for a lifetime.read more

The Most Efficient Way To Measure Body Fat
As a personal trainer I get all my clients to subscribe to the motto, ''It is not how much you weigh, but how much body fat you DON'T have!'' Body fat percentage is simply a measurement of the body's muscle to fat ratio. You may have been in the mall and seen scales and other gizmos that can test your body fat. But don't be fooled. Most of these scales don't have the ability to insert age, activity level, measurements, or even height. Many of these simply use an inaccurate math program inside the computer chip that basically guesses your body fat.read more

Women, Weight Training, And Metabolism
When most women think about losing weight they usually attempt one of two options. The first is to go on a diet which involves eating fewer calories over the course of the day. The second option normally involves some form of aerobic exercise, whether it be jogging, bike riding or... read more

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