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Weight Watchers
The Weight Watchers diet plan has been around since the 1960's. The traditional flex plan is based on a point system with associated support meetings. All food is assigned a point value. Members restrict consumption by tracking and counting their points. Point allowances are determined by age, gender and weight. Weight Watchers also offers a Core plan where the member chooses from a list of low calorie high fiber foods. read more

The Atkins Diet, developed by Dr. Robert Atkins, is a well-known low carbohydrate diet. To lose weight people limit their carbohydrates. The theory is that the body burns fat and carbohydrates for energy, but will burn the carbohydrates first. By limiting the carbohydrates your body is forced to burn more fat. read more

South Beach
The South Beach Diet originated in Miami, Florida and was developed by cardiologist Dr. Arthur Agatston. The main idea of the diet is that bad carbohydrates prohibit the body's ability to properly process fat or sugar. This diet has been described by many as a healthier version of the Atkins. read more

Jenny Craig
The Jenny Craig diet started in Australia in 1983 by an overweight mum. It opened operations in the U.S. in 1985. The Jenny Craig program focuses on three areas. 1) Teach Clients how to eat the foods they want but in portions. 2) Emphasize physical activity. 3) Positive affirmation and support. read more

NutriSystems started in 1972 and has since gone through many changes. Originally selling a selling a liquid diet, it changed course in the late 70s to what it known for now, a diet plan with pre-package meals. The NutriSystem plan is perfect for those who are looking to lose weight, but have trouble determining what to eat or donít have the time to plan or shop.read more

The Zone Diet is a designed to promote healthy weight loss by eating the right combination of foods. By eating the right combination of carbohydrates, and fat and protein the body achieves a balance that will more effectively burn calories. read more

Fat Smash
The Fat Smash Diet was developed by Dr. Ian K. Smith. It gained popularity on VH1's Celebrity Fit Club where celebrities followed the plan and competed to lose weight. The principle behind the name is that you achieve your weight-loss goals by smashing bad habits and misconceptions about diets. The diet follows a 90 day program in 4 phases - Detox, Foundation, Construction, and the Temple. read more

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