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Children: Toddlers to Twelve

Getting Children Back to Nature
Outdoor play is becoming increasingly rare among children both in the U.S. and the U.K., even in rural areas. Children are intimately familiar with complex virtual worlds and all their characters, yet no longer learn the names of the creatures that inhabit their back yards. This has far-reaching implications for emotional and physical development and for family life. Closeness to nature can even be a powerful antidote to attention deficit and other disorders.read more

Five Ways to Get Your Kids Outdoors
The key to making the thought of spending time outdoors more attractive to kids is enticing them with fun activities they can't do indoors. Can't think of any good ones? Here are some ideas you can try:read more

Our Boys
With recent articles and blogs about Time Magazine's The Myth About Boys where do we go from here? Are books like The Minds of Boys by Michael Gurian and Kathy Stevens still worthwhile to read? Yes. Read the Belated Book Review and Commentary. read more

What Triggers Your Anger with Your Kids?
Family life is complicated and unpredictable. Day-to-day expectations and responsibilities can create angry emotions in both parents and children. No matter how skilled you are at parenting, no matter how wonderful your children are, you cannot eliminate or avoid the unpleasant situations that occur in all families. However, once you understand where the anger comes from you can modify the situation and learn ways to control your reactions, so that anger can occupy a smaller place in your home. read more

The No-Cry Discipline Solution: Parenting Book Profile
Nearly all mothers acknowledge that while raising children can be the best and most rewarding job of your life, their discipline is often the most complicated, challenging and frustrating aspect of parenthood. But how do you promote good behavior? We are happy to profile a new book by Elizabeth Pantley, the author of The No-Cry Discipline Solution: Gentle Ways to Encourage Good Behavior Without Whining, Tantrums, and Tears. read more

Fixed versus Growth Intelligence Mindsets
According to psychology professor Carol Dweck, people's self-theories about intelligence have a profound influence on their motivation to learn. Students who hold a "fixed" theory are mainly concerned with how smart they are—they prefer tasks they can already do well and avoid ones on which they may make mistakes and not look smart. In contrast, she said, people who believe in an "expandable" or "growth" theory of intelligence want to challenge themselves to increase their abilities, even if they fail at first. read more

Mothers Finding A New Meaning for Mentoring
Mentoring is a word with many meanings. In business mentoring is used to groom up-and-coming employees deemed to have the potential to move up into leadership roles. For children who are having social problems mentoring is seen as a solution to bring them back into the straight and narrow. What if Mothers found a new meaning for mentoring and it was something every mother could use. read more

Martial Arts for The Kids and You
Today, martial arts training is accessible to everyone almost everywhere. If Moms can find the time to join a class, at the same time their child attends class, or on their own time, it is a worthwhile activity to get and stay healthy. Moms can find a martial art suited to their own style of physical activity. Martial arts training involves paced amounts of physical training. Martial arts training also involves intercepting or redirecting an opponent's punch. read more

Teaching Children The Value Of A Dollar
As children we were hopefully all taught the value of a dollar; that the amount of work we put in will determine our reward. But in a day and age where children seem more materialistic than ever, it can be increasingly difficult to instill the proper values in our children. There are several parenting tips that experts agree will go a long way to ensuring your child has an appropriate and healthy attitude towards money. read more

Motivation To Succeed Develops In Early Childhood
Have you ever heard about a child whom parents or teachers describe as lazy, unenthusiastic, and non-interested in any school subject or social activity? If yes, have you ever thought why this child is so low motivated, when he or she needs to do something demanding assiduity, diligence, patience, attention, tenacity, self-control and other important personal qualities? read more

The Potty Training Readiness Quiz
Potty training is easier and happens faster if your child is truly ready in all three areas: physical, cognitive and social. But the big question is: how do you know when your child is ready? If you have never traveled this road before, you likely don't even know what signs to look for. Take this quiz to find out where your child is on the readiness spectrum. read more

5 Must Ask Questions for Anyone Potty Training A Toddler
If you are thinking about starting to potty train your toddler, there are a few questions you should ask yourself before you begin potty training. Being well prepared for this challenging transition from diapers to potty is one of the best things you can do to make this as easy as possible on your child. read more

Childrens' Sleeping Needs
Several surveys show that over 20 percent of children have sleep problems at some point in their early lives. Determining how to get children to sleep better and longer is important not just because parents need their rest, but because lack of sleep cause problems later or in some cases, sleep apnea, which affects about 2 percent of children, can cause heart problems. read more

The School Bully Can Take a Toll on Your Child's Mental Health
Ask any child what a bully looks like, and he or she is likely to describe someone who is bigger and stronger. Yet, while bullies certainly are known for their ability to overpower others physically, mental bullying can be just as damaging to children. read more

Are Your Kids Home for the Summer? Here are Some Great Summer Activities To Try
If you are a Mom you are either thrilled or panicking that June is here and your kids are now out of school or will soon be out of school this month. Here is a list of suggestions for mothers out there who are in need of some great ideas for things to do with the kids this Summer. read more

Bilingual Education
MYTH - "A child should learn one language properly first; then you can start teaching the other." This is an old myth or belief based on flawed research. Children who learn two languages in a loving, supportive environment learn them both well. Children who learn two languages in a challenging environment may have language development issues, but so will children learning only one langauge in that same sort of environment. read more

(Editorial) Activities are Stealing Summer From Kids
This is a timely Editorial by Paulette Rappa, a mom and english teacher from Southern New Jersey. She asks what are we doing with our kids during the summer these days. It has changed from when we were kids. What happened to the family vacation? There is no longer spontaneity or imagination. Instead, there are schedules and deadlines and car polls. Do the kids have time to relax? read more

Children's Allowance: A Mom's Perspective
Children will need access to their own stash of cash when they reach a certain age. Kids develop this need around age 8 or 9 and it grows into the monster it will become by about age 15 or 16 ... they do get more expensive with age, don’t they? read more

Causes of Childhood Obesity
Obesity in children leads to many risk factors. It is the leading cause of pediatric hypertension. It increases the risk of childhood cardiac disease, type2 Diabetes Mellitus, and the risk of painful joints. But the most important is the amount of psychological and social pressure that a child has to undergo among his peers which may eventually make him susceptible to depression. read more

Considering Audio Books for Children
In considering the audio book format and its effects on education, many parents and teachers find relief in that there are so many benefits. The use of audio books in the classroom increases the success of beginning readers in general-and also serves as an excellent aide to those who struggle with reading. The following is just a handful of reasons why audio books are used, and ought certainly to be used, by teachers or childcare providers. read more

Picky Eaters
My child wants to eat only his two favorite foods: cereal and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He eats tiny amounts of any other food and complains about what's put in front of him. What can I do about this? read more

Eat Together. Eat Well
Wegman's Senior Vice President of Consumer Affairs, Mary Ellen Burris found some interesting research showing clear links between frequency of meals eaten together as a family and emotional health, healthy eating, and cost of meals. One of the five principles of Wegman's "Eat Well, Live Well" approach is to Share The Preparation and Pleasure of Great Meals. read more

Easter Egg Decorating
Planning to eat hard-boilded eggs on Easter morning? Remember those hard-boiled wonders are not only for eating. Decorated eggs are an outstanding way to create family heirlooms or beautiful Easter centerpieces for your dining table or special party function. For Egg Decorating with your kids this month find out your options here. read more

Back To School Readiness
Many American children are starting back to school this month, and no matter how young or old they may be: There is always a long list of items that must be purchased in preparation. This list is an overview of the basic stuff most kids need - whether they're starting kindergarten or college. read more

Quiz on Parenting Style: What Type Of Parent Are You?
We invite you to think about how we all react to everyday situations. This questionnaire is designed to help us think about what kind of parents we are. At the end of the questionnaire, you will find a key to help evaluate the results. read more

Anger: Aggression, Assertion and your Adolescent
Anger is an emotion that alerts us that we are feeling discontent resulting from what we perceive to be a mistreatment or opposition to ourselves. It usually shows itself in a desire to fight back at the cause of this feeling. Anger is the same whether a parent is feeling/expressing anger or your adolescent is expressing it. Anger is not a bad emotion; it is a gauge that allows us to understand what we are feeling. However there are reactions to anger that make anger much more explosive. read more

Tips For Parents and Children Living with ADD / ADHD
Yes, we all hate structure. If the world was perfect place we would not need it. But, when we don't have enough structure we lose track of the world around us. We also need the correct amount of structure in our lives. Too much makes us rebel or feel trapped. A schedule works well for both children and adults with ADD. Make a plan for each day. Make sure you give yourself or child "free time" or "self time" in that schedule. Children need at least an hour a day of uninterrupted play. read more

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