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His skin is white, tall and thin

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 6:55 pm    Post subject: His skin is white, tall and thin Reply with quote

His skin is white, tall and thin, and there are a pair of small eyes on the pointed seeds. It is very god-like, and his eyes often reveal the light he wants to explore for any novelty. He is the knowledgeable person in our class - Xiang Hongji. His knowledge is very rich. He can be said to be "intellectual astronomy, knowing geography". Every time there is any new knowledge in the class, it is first seen by him from the book, and then told us, so we Call him an "encyclopedia."remember once, I asked Xiang Hongji a question that I thought was very difficult: "What bridge is the longest bridge in China?" Seeing that he was slightly indulged, my heart was secretly proud: Xiang Hongji, Xiang Hongji, you are not omniscient. Right? See you can't answer it. Who knows that he only concentrates on reading an extracurricular book in his hand, and replied carelessly: "It is the fiber bridge near Qianqing Town, Shaoxing, Zhejiang." I am not willing, and asked: "The oldest bridge in China." How many meters is it high?" He looked away from the book and looked up Marlboro Red. He answered replied: "The oldest bridge in China is the eight-character bridge in downtown Shaoxing Parliament Cigarettes, Zhejiang. It is 5 meters high and has a net span of 4.5 meters. It is 3. 2 meters wide. Is there any problem?" I shook my head and I admire it. Seeing him and looking at the book in his hands, I wonder, he knows so much. He spends his time in class reading to increase his knowledge, and most of our classmates are playing.reason why Xiang Hongji is rich in knowledge is because he is very serious when reading books. Once, I didn't bring extracurricular books, so I went to Xiang Hongji and asked, "Liang Hongji Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, can I borrow my book?" He didn't seem to hear it, I asked again with a louder voice, but he still Ignore me, I am angry, I am going to roar at him. He suddenly looked up and asked at a loss: "Zhang Yuting Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, are you looking for me?" I was so angry and funny at the time: "Please, I have called you twice, can you borrow my book?" Oh, sorry, I blame me for reading too fascinated, I didn't hear it. Give, this book hasn't seen it yet?" Xiang Hongji said, handing me a book. Oh, it��s really a bookwormt Xiang Hongji not a knowledgeable person in our class?father is a very strict parent. Every time my exam is not good, my father will encourage me and say: "Success is the mother of failure. It doesn't matter if you fail. Where does it fall, where do we climb?" This sentence touched me. I took the courage and decided to try again Carton Of Marlboro Reds. I copied the above question and did it again. It was much better than the last time. Although I got a perfect score, I am still not happy. After all, I have already done it twice. If it is, I should be happy, but these two times, how can I be happy? I think, I can only decide, let��s play. Reduce time by half and put it on study. Sure enough, the hard work pays off, I got the first place in this exam, I don��t know how to be happy, my father praised me, no longer like the first time, I have my heart.
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