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I hate dealing with the Department of CSS

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 11, 2014 1:57 pm    Post subject: I hate dealing with the Department of CSS Reply with quote

I am a single Mother to a beautiful little girl who is almost 3 years old. My daughters Father has NEVER been a part of her life. I went through the entire pregnancy on my own, and I have raised her alone for the now almost 3 years. As I was 100% sure my daughters Father was indeed her Father, I filed for CS with the state of CA. To alleviate any doubt on behalf of my ex, we did our own paternity test where we found out he was indeed the Father 99.9997% or whatever it ended up being. For the first 7 months, he paid absolutely NOTHING! (please remember we did our own test so he knew my daughter was HIS). So for 7 months, not a dime. I never asked him for a thing during those 7 months, not one cent, not one package of diapers, a can of formula. That's a little back story about my situation, let me now get to the point of the post...dealing with CSS.

I am not sure how they go about employing people for these position, but I found over the last 3 years that these are some of the most vile and rude people on the planet. When I call with questions or concern about my payments not being received, I am treated like I sit on my *&%# all month waiting for the money to hit my account. It is quite the opposite, I hold a college degree and I probably make more money than they do. I work full-time to support my daughter, I commute an extra 20 hours a week to a job that allows me to support my daughter. I do all this so I can support her and keep a roof over her head. I am so tired of hearing about protecting the non custodial parent, a man that wouldn't know his daughter is she passed him on the street.

I'm sorry, but the non custodial parent should not receive a full 30 days to make his CS payment. I don't get an extra 30 days to pay bills that keep a roof over my daughters head. These caseworkers act like I'm trying to go buy a purse, when I am simply asking so I can make arrangements to pay my bills. I don't understand why they are trying to make me feel like I am doing something wrong, by trying to provide for my daughter. ..."Well CS is not guaranteed." Well if its not guaranteed, why did I go through the process of filing? ..."Well if you don't like the process, you can close your account, and collect it on your own." No, I don't trust this man to pay me on his own when he has no interest in his own child. If he has made no effort to see his child, he will make no effort to pay CS on his own. I am seriously tired of the abuse that I receive from these caseworkers and customer service reps. These people need to find new jobs, if they can not find compassion for someone who is looking out for the best interest of her child.

Has anyone else had problems with CSS..sorry for the rant, I had to deal with them again this morning. (pls forgive any typos..multitasking at work)
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