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butterfly kisses

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 19, 2009 3:11 pm    Post subject: desperate Reply with quote

i have 4 kids 3 boys n 1 girl. i live in Orlando fl with 3 of them. i losted custody of my 2 oldest when i was 19 to my father who was given temporary custody of them. i moved to florida and continuded to resided in Arizona . shortly after he gained custody of them he soon lost them to the Arizona court system in which he was court ordered never to see or speak to them again.(this was after several attempts to notify the state of the physical and emotional abuse he subjected them to while in his custody) at that point Arizona began to attempt to reunify my children with me. over 5 years ago i regained custody of my oldest son threw the process of ICPC. Florida said i could have my oldest son but not the other one. for his behavior problems were to severe for me to control on my own. (in other words Florida didn't want to carry that burden). it had taken several attempts to get Tallahassee to finally except an ICPC from Arizona to allow my sons return home before they finally did last year. just when things were looking good Arizona make stupid placement decisions on my sons behalf knowing his issues. he ended up assaulting who he was living with and placed in detention with 2 felony charges. arizona then turned around and said "he now is to unstable to be moved and unless i move to arizona and prove i can parent i will not regain custody". this is not possible for me and very unfair. i want my son i am stable and have not been proven to be an unfit parent. my son is 13 and in 5 years he will be an adult and no longer the courts burden he is being shuffled threw the system between therapeutic foster homes to RTC. there running out of places that will except him and don't want to give him the help he needs. they don't listen to me when i tell them he is only acting out due to his abandonment issues he's scared, hurt and feels unloved. how is he supposed to behave. hell how would anyone behave under those circumstances? the lawyers on the case say as a single parent with limited resources i cannot parent my son with such issues. my problem is WELL HELL NEITHER CAN YOU !! what there asking of me is unreasonable i have 3 kids in florida a job a house and up rooting them and moving to arizona for what ever length of time to "prove i can parent" is unreasonable unfair and not possible. i don't know what the problem is. you have a mother who is willing to parent to take the burden of the courts. im not crazy, unstable, dangerous, or abusive . i have proven i can parent cause i am successfully parenting all my children including the last one given back to me i have had a home study and background check parenting classes. i just can't move were they want me 2 and the only one suffering is my son. i just don't know what else to do. i feel my options have run out. i've asked the court to just drop the dependency over my son and just let me pick him up and take him to florida. and to be honest i think the judge isn't apposed to the idea its just the lawyers and DES that are giving me problems. i'm trying to find out my rights. do i have to prove i can parent him with his special needs or why should it matter. i thought it was the courts job to place children with family and if there's a willing parent then reunification should be priority no matter what? i not sure any more i just kno i want my son home with his brothers and sister so we can give him the love he's never gotten and to at least give him a chance to be somebody. if any one has any advise i'm open to listen.. THANKS
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