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One day, after school, Xiaosheng

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 6:54 pm    Post subject: One day, after school, Xiaosheng Reply with quote

One day, after school, Xiaosheng and Xiaodun, two good friends, walked on the path to go home Newport 100S.Xiaosheng walked in front. Suddenly, he stared at his big eyes and smiled and said, "Wow, a good flash pen, a golden pen." Xiaosheng rushed forward and was bending forward to go. When I was embarrassed, I was preempted by Xiaodun and took the pen up. "The hand is fast, the hand is slow, and today I am really lucky." Xiaosheng sees the pen being taken away, think about it, Say: "We are not good friends? Just let me give it!" Xiaodun can not eat this set: "I am also your friend, and you will not let me give it to me!" Xiaosheng can't do it when he sees softness. That face is like the face of a grandson's monkey - he said that he changed and he said angrily: "Do you want to fight?" Xiaosheng is ready to fight. Suddenly, Xiaodun said: "Wait, I have a good way Marlboro Gold Pack, it is better for you to give me money, you go to work again." Xiaosheng said: "If you take more money, then I am not very disadvantaged?" Xiaodun collapsed, closed his eyes, squinted his eyes, and said angrily: "What do you mean? Want to fight?" Xiaosheng said: "We are going to wrestle, whoever wins will take this pen." Xiaodun said: "Yes." Xiaosheng replied.The two put the bag and the pen next to it Marlboro Lights. Each of the tigers stood in a stop, and the cock truss seemed to face each other. The two walked three or four times and huddled together. Xiaodun wants to hook the legs of Xiaosheng. Who knows, Xiaosheng doesn��t live with his feet, but fortunately, Xiaodun flashes fast, or loses. Xiaodeng alone can't do it because his opponent is very strong. So to use the skill Marlboro Gold, Xiaodun immediately rushed up, turned around Xiaosheng a few laps, rushed forward and scratched a few times, Xiaosheng laughed, Xiaodun immediately fell close to Xiaosheng and turned to the sky. Xiaodun is ready to pick up the gold pen, carry the bag, and go back. Suddenly, halfway "killed" a bite gold - Xiaojie, he came over and asked: "What are you doing?" Xiaodun immediately told Xiaojie about things. After listening to it, Xiaojie was serious: "We should return the pen to the owner. The teacher does not often say that we should be a good boy who is not worthy of money. Now there is a good opportunity. Let us return it to the owner. It must not be lost. Come again." "How do you return to the original?" asked Xiaodun. Xiaojie said without hesitation: "We can hand it over to the teacher and not grab it here." After listening to Xiaojie's words, they all realized their mistakes Wholesale Cigarettes.
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