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Edge of Reason! Help-Nightmares coming true

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2012 9:36 am    Post subject: Edge of Reason! Help-Nightmares coming true Reply with quote

Single mom, 10 year old Autistic son. My day is 5:30 am till 7pm at night now. Short of it is I have to get up drive my son 20 minutes to a bus stop for a special Autism program. The only one in my area. So by 6:45 am I am driving to work and spend 2 to 3 hours a day driving (traffic-20 miles-really?) They just changed my hours and no more 8am to 5pm. Extended nights 2 of the nights wont even be picking him up till 10pm. This even includes Fridays (whatever days they tell me). So that in itself has prompted me to look for a new job and take a massive paycut. I am already skating on thin ice with day care now. Money wise, broke, between therapy for him and me, medications, gas, cost of living (we dont spend a dime unless 100% needed), day care. I barely make enough to live now with a few dollars every month to order a pizza as a treat for us. Its that bad. Things have gotten so bad for us, that our world is a total mess. Just waiting for day care to fall through, which means no job and you can imagine where it goes in this economy...the spiral of living in car. Had a nervous breakdown and been on some medication when I can afford it. Top it off I went through 3 massive cancer scares in 3 months. Doctors said false alarm (waiting another 10 days for pathology to come back), which is good and 10k later. But the rest is, searching for a job, accepting that at any time I will loose my job faster than I can find one, the fact of it can get worse as each day passes and I have no family to lean on limited friends. cant sleep, lost 35 pounds in a few months. Just the worst things that can happen and you never want to happen are happening and there is no way to stop it! Reached out to the community for resources and help with finacials and until I am out on the street. Get ready to wait for a minimum of 6 months before help even blinks. So the worst things in life are happening and I have no safety net. I have used every option out there. Day care, housing, help called every organization out there. We are on basic survival mode. I have to tell my son we live day by day, sometimes hour by hour. So anybody have an idea how to cope? Im loosing it again and slipping back into my nerves again and becoming a complete wreck. If anybody has advise.....we need it. I am loosing my mind, I feel the worlds worst trying to get us out and other than prayer everyday...I need coping skills and yes we are in family therapy but it has not helped me. I cant see results from his. It takes months to see results.
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