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Paternal GPs took emergency custody under false accusations

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Joined: 17 Jul 2009
Posts: 8
State or Province: Nevada

PostPosted: Fri Jul 17, 2009 4:02 pm    Post subject: Paternal GPs took emergency custody under false accusations Reply with quote

Hello all!
Has anyone out there had their children's father's elderly sick parents take custody of your kids without your knowledge and under false pretenses??
It sucks, especially in my case because I live 2000 miles away from my children. It all happened when I decided to move to Nevada with my mother and son. The grandparents of my children claimed temporary custody when my son was 6 months old saying I was to young to raise two children. My mom, whom I didn't live with at the time, drove to Kentucky to pick me up. I won custody back after a 2-week battle. I lived in Nevada for 7 months when my boys' dad got out of jail and he wanted to see our kids. As a naive teenager( 15 when I got preg had him @ 16, got preg 3 months later) I agreed to let them go to Kentucky to see their father and his family. His parents ended up filing for emergency custody, the same month I scheduled to come pick them up, claiming I dropped the children off and didn't have any place for them... for one they came to my house... and for two I had a 3-bedroom apartment. I was never contacted when they filed for custody. It was even confirmed by the County Clerk. I went to court 4 months later, since I didn't have a stable place to live and my mom lived in a little house to small for 2 toddlers.. I wasn't granted custody but visitation. I moved back in with my kids' grandparents. Took them to court about 7/8 months later, after I had moved back to Nevada, I'm not really sure what happened there, something about my lawyer not filing with the right judge or court system. So that sucked. Now it's been 5 years since I have lived with my boys (I know that sounds horrible and I'm regreting it big time) I saw them this past October 08. First, before I was granted permission, that heats my blood that I had to ask for permission to see my own children.., my grandmother asked my children's grandmother if I could come down and see my boys because I wasn't going to be in town but for another night.. the old bag said no!!!!!!!! After that my grandma called her back and she said it was ok to come and see the boys.
And as of now they are trying to adopt them saying I abandoned them. I did nothing of that nature... I would never. They're the ones who won't let me see my kids.
Anyone had this similar situation happen to you and you won?

Thank you for your input
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Joined: 25 Aug 2009
Posts: 4
State or Province: Texas

PostPosted: Tue Aug 25, 2009 1:52 pm    Post subject: Grandparents Reply with quote

It sounds like you are living far from your children. Have you considered moving closer or to the same town? You should be trying to see your kids every week not just every couple of months. You need to show proof that you are involved or interested in their lives. Have you called their schools? Have you called your ex? Do you have a log of the calls you've made (hopefully from a cell phone) so that you can show a judge your efforts?

Do you have a log or recorded calls where you are being denied phone access to your children?

There are resources available so that you can represent yourself in court. As long as you act calm and be thorough, you'll be OK. Try Lonestar Fathership Initiative or similar outlets.

Good luck
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Joined: 17 Jul 2009
Posts: 8
State or Province: Nevada

PostPosted: Wed Aug 26, 2009 1:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Thanks for the response. I have been logging everything! I only wish I did that in the beginning. When you say call their schools... what do you mean by that? I've thought about calling their school but with the circumstances like they are I didn't think they would give me any information about them. I contacted legal aide I'm hoping I can get something arranged. I did speak with their grandmother on the 30th of July and it was a cell phone and will have that bill shortly. I've written many times, copied all of the letters and I have been in contact with their daughter (my kids' aunt) and I have copies of the emails. The first letter I wrote was on June 29th 2009 and I haven't heard anything back. I regret I haven't been there as much as I should have, that's just something I have the live with. I wish I recorded my conversation with their paternal grandmother.... her priorities are so messed up! Before she hung up the phone she yelled at her husband to never f'n answer her phone again... so that's what I get to deal with. I really really wish I would have recorded it!!!!! The only type of witness I have is my grandmother and she's 75 or so years old and I don't know how acreditable her statements would be. But I'm stil going to get a statement from her regardless if it can be used or not.

Any input is much appreciated.

Thanks again
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Joined: 13 Aug 2010
Posts: 5
State or Province: Virginia

PostPosted: Mon Aug 30, 2010 4:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

i'm going through something similar. My daughter's dad's mom took my baby away from me at about 3 weeks old. and she's welfare white trash! this women doesn't have any class or stability. She's been a welfare junkie since she was 16 when she had her first kid and has taught her kids this is an ok way to live. Her son didn't want anything to do with me or the baby so i threaten to keep him off her birth certificate and change her last name to mine. well out of the kindeness of my own heart I let her spend some time with the baby for a night seeing as how he lived with his mom. Well she called social services on me for no reason and They wouldn't give her back and there was nothing I could do about it. I lived by myself and didn't work. the only support I had was from my parent's who were six hours away. social services had NO evidence that I was being neglective or what ever the hell that god awful women accused me of. I took care of her at all times, by myself. and she had everything she needed. She claimed I was unfit because I was young. I was doing everything right. Her son was the one going out all night and partying. 2 years later i'm still fighting for my daughter. I have decided to move back home to go to school and be with my family ( i feel this is the only way i will get my child back) and I am begging them to let me see my daughter every couple of weeks because that's the only time me and my mom can go up there. we have court on the 7th just to schedule the actual court date to change the visitations. but it sickens me I have to do this when this is my child. I am the best for her and only person who she should be with. these people are using my poor innocent child for welfare and it's dispicable. I am hoping for justice for me and my daughter soon, so she can be with me. where she belongs...
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Joined: 06 Feb 2011
Posts: 1
State or Province: Texas

PostPosted: Sun Feb 06, 2011 4:50 am    Post subject: desperate for help Reply with quote

I would say I'm so happy to know I'm not the only one going through this but I'm really not this is a heart breaking horrible thing to imagine and live with daily....
My first clue of the ex and his evil parents, should have been when we had come to Texas from WA on Navy Leave. going back to Washington His parents told us that we weren't taking My son back with us, most would throw a fit and I wanted to but with their constant controlling issues and telling us it would be better for us and our son if he stayed till we got out of the Navy. Six months later (after ex purposely dropped motor on his foot) we got out and headed to Texas. I had gotten pregnant again and stayed with his parents (blahhh) until my youngest was 9 months old or so and we finally got our own house. Things between my ex and I kept getting worse and distant 3 years later we sat down on the couch and both decided a divorce is what needed to be done with a verbal agreement that I would stay at the house until I found somewhere else.. Month later I have cop pounding at my door and their he stood with my babies, He had told me they had been banging on the door for hours, ya I don't think so! But They were outside, not sure how they got the door open since latch was at the top of sliding glass door and the fence was locked outside hmmmmm, any way Child protective services showed up and they did house inspection, noted the pills I had to been taking for insomnia, and they question my boys. My oldest had told the lady he hated his dad because he whooped his butt and he loves his mommy cause she loves him. After all that they decided the boys should stay with my ex's parents, probably because she wouldn't shut up about it. Not even three days later I come home from work and the locks have been changed on my house and no one would respond to my phone calls, I went to his parent's and no one was there so i called a girl from work and I stayed with her while still trying to get a hold of my ex. I showed up at the house one day and saw my ex there and my oldest came running up to me giving me sugars and told me he missed me as did my youngest and that's when he asked me for the boys stroller, when I asked why he told me for his girlfriends daughter which both where in the truck but no matter how badly I wanted to cuss him out I couldn't because of my boys. I told him I was taking the boys and he said they where going to the fair and my oldest got excited so I couldn't say no but I insisted that I get them when they where done.. That is when this nightmare began.
He didn't call so I went to the house and no one was there, his parents didn't answer the door or any of my calls. Next morning I was back doing it again when my ex told me that his parents and my boys went on vacation to Alaska.. Ya I thought it was BS to so I parked my car outside their house all night and no one came back... month later (and no word) I had an opportunity to move to different town (5Hrs away) But I had a job and was working on getting my own place. I had gotten settled and did my routine of blowing up his phone and his parents and when his mom answered I asked to talk to my boys when she asked who I was I got ticked off and she simply said we don't know a (my name) and hung up. I then blew up all of his family members phone and got no where. I had to work and get my self together for my kids and prove myself. A year went by and then another and so forth. I had found his new wife on myspace and sent messages daily since she would respond I begged and pleaded with her to tell me where they where and then she decided to make it into a game even to this day, I have bribed them with money just to talk to my kids and as you can tell nothing has worked and I didn't have a lot of money for lawyer and when I was in a car accident they went to court I had called his lawyer and explained what was up and nothing. his wife tells me that I don't have custody, but then again she has never told the truth and she has no soul. She taunts me saying my boys are hers, they call her mommy, they love her and I didn't want them, I abandoned them and as badly as I want to beat the crud out of her I got smart and save every message, text and emails, and I record her when she calls. Now I am tired of waiting for lawyers or for them to one day say ok were sorry we lied and kept them from you, since that wont happen I want to get my boys, they need to be with me. The shitty part is he isn't their dad and they all know it and yet they still keep the one that loves them and is their mom away from them, then talk crap about me being a "neglectful" mom and I don't even want to see them. Good thing I have emails and phone records proving different. I wonder if they would get kidnapping charges since they did keep them from me?! Does anyone have an ideas of what I can do?
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