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Why doesn't heartbreak count as abuse??

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Joined: 25 Sep 2009
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 25, 2009 7:05 am    Post subject: Why doesn't heartbreak count as abuse?? Reply with quote

I am new to this forum, so forgive me if I am not doing it right.
I am so absoulutely confused about this whole situation I find myself in. I currently share custody of my children with my ex husband. While I may not like him awhole lot, I do promote the children to love and respect him and his wife. For years now, they have been extremely vicious about the way they discuss me with my children...(there have been some real doozies) They say things, and deny it when confronted....Or make decisions based on what will hurt me most rather then what might be best for my children. I have indured this for quite sometime now, just chalking it up to An Ex is an Ex right? I do the best I can to let them know I love them and that words are just words. The problem with that, it turns out, is my children have become divided. One of my children thinks i am to blame for everything that ever happened in his life, while the other feels crushed because he still loves his mom, but it upsets dad. He feels his stepmother hates him because he doesn't agree with her, she calls him stupid all the time and even tells him she would rather leave his father then live with him. And what does his father do????? Gets mad at him for upsetting his wife! They have even allowed his older brother by one year to harrass him as well. He is soooo torn up about it all. He loves his Dad and he should....But he doesn't understand why they don't like him Why when dad gets mad he gets in trouble alot more then his brother. He gets smacked around alot more then his brother, and why he can't be allowed to love us both. I have tried to involve authorities and have even filed for sole custody.

They call it hearsay......even with my son crying and begging them to not have to go back to his fathers house, they say he has parental rights. I ask you then.... To achieve parental rights, don't you have to also accept parental responsibilities? Does your child not have rights of their own? The right to expect unconditional love, the right to be individuals, the right to have an opinion even if it differs from yours? How about the right to love as well? Everyone is so protective of a fathers rights.....And in some cases I do understand. But does that now mean that a father is the only one entitled to rights?
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