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im fighting to get my kids back and they keep postponing!!!

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Joined: 15 Aug 2009
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State or Province: Michigan

PostPosted: Sat Aug 15, 2009 8:39 am    Post subject: im fighting to get my kids back and they keep postponing!!! Reply with quote

I left my husband , who is in the military and wouldn't stop cheating on me, back in early 2008. I moved back to ohio to be with friends and family for a few months but work was hard to come by so I ended up moving in with my father in michigan around april of 2008. Times were really tough. I would take up temp jobs any where i could, babysit, and borrow money to support my family. My husband was deployed and gave me 400 dollars a month to help support the children. I didn't want to be one of those mothers who starved her children over her self pride and i wanted a good home for my boys. Because their father wasn't helping much and I was financially struggling I made the biggest mistake of my life...

I ask my husband's sister if she would watch the boys while i got on my feet. I told her no more than a month and a half. She agreed and everything was fine. I got a job and my own place and saw the boys when ever i could. I was getting ready to bring the boys back to live with me. Problems didn't start until my husband came back from being deployed. He said he wanted to see the boys and bring the boys back to Utah with him over christmas. My first reaction was no because i didn't think he would bring them back but after much talk we decided that he would have the boys for a few months and return them jan 24th.

Jan. 23rd came about and he calls me and the first thing that comes out of his mouth is " I know you are going to be mad but i just want you to know...". He filed for temp custody of the children and a cpo susp. all rights i had to the children. He said i threatened his life and the boys' life. I have been fighting ever since. I didn't have the money to get an lawyer and then when i did get a lawyer they keep post poning it. I doesn't ever let me see the kids. My oldest son turned four and my youngest son turned two and i missed both of their birthdays. When i did get to see them they had to be surpervised and only for a few hours if that. I live in another state so i have to drive four hours to see them , usually on a moments notice so i can see them for a few hours . Its just not right.

Thats not even the worste of it. My argument was i would be a better provider due to the fact that he gets deployed all the time. He is never home, which is one of the reasons why i left him in the first place. He just isn't a family man. Now he is deployed again! He is protected under the soldiers and sailors act which means the cpo is placed on hold so i can't see my kids unsupervised if at all and the are living with their aunt. No father.... no mother. This is unnatural!

I have a nice place and a nice job which is what i set out to do. Now tell me why can't i have my kids again? Is it better that they live without both parents? What are my rights?
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Joined: 25 Aug 2009
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State or Province: Texas

PostPosted: Tue Aug 25, 2009 11:29 am    Post subject: Kids living with the Aunt Reply with quote

There must be a lot of details that are missing from your description. I don't really know much about the act you referenced.

The truth is that money moves mountains. I don't mean to discourage you but have you considered talking to your ex-sister in law? Have you researched the so called act? Have you considered representing yourself? Have you considered observing court trials/hearings for the National Court Watch program in your city?

There are a lot of resources like the lonestar fatherhood initiative that provides legal advice for a small amount of money. They can help you navigate the court system. Arm yourself with information because information is power.

We have to work together as a group to get changes done on our cases.

Good luck.
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