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When Stresses In Your Marriage Take Their Toll
What do you do when the stresses of your marriage start to become a problem? Many couples get mad and argue at one another. This will not do anything except make the problem worse. As a result, here are some ways to deal with your stresses in your marriage. read more

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Unmarried Couples - This site, run by GotTrouble.com helps you understand "unmarried couples" rights. In these cases, an agreement between the couple may be important. Find out if it needs to be in writing, how to prove an oral agreement and whether or not your partner has to support you or your child.

Living Together - Site for Mothers to read about cohabitation. Is cohabitation a good choice? Read about the benefits of marraige, cohabitating before marraige, financial issues of unmarried couples.

Common Law Marraige - Unmarried couples and law resources. This is one of Nolo's area that addresses issues for unmarried mothers, such as common law marraige. FAQs are answered.

Choosing Single Motherhood - This website, managed by author Mikki Morrissette offers information on the book Choosing Single Motherhood and the topic of choice mothers or single mothers by choice.

Lesbian Co-Mothers - Website article about two mothers who wanted to list both of their names as parents on the birth certificate of their new-born daughter.

Children of Lesbian or Gay Parents American Psychological Society website piece about Lesbian Parents and the aspects of children's personal development other than sexual identity.

Unmarried.org - Website of the national, non-profit organization for unmarried people, including people who choose not to marry, are prevented from marrying, or are among the people who live together before marriage.

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