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Marriage and Family

Creating A Blended Family: The Doís and Doníts
Are you contemplating blending two families together? Are you planning on marrying someone else with children? If so, check out the ideas in this article. They just may help you create a more satisfying and nurturing blended family. read more

Step-Parent Adoption: When He Wants to Adopt your Child
Before and after the marriage to a spouse with a child, a man may like to step into the role of parent. In the United States to be eligible to adopt as a step-parent, he must be eighteen years of age or above and presently be married to a consenting biological or adoptive parent. Also, both biological parents must consent or if there is a contestment--the non-consenting parental rights must be terminated. read more

Married with Custody - Message Board area for mothers with joint child custody. Share your ideas and experiences or ask questions or advice.

Custody: Books - A List of top books on joint custody, shared parenting, child support, divorce and more.

Unmarried Couples - Links to information on "unmarried couples" rights. In these cases, an agreement between the couple may be important. Find out if it needs to be in writing, how to prove an oral agreement and whether or not your partner has to support you or your child.

Pre-Screened Links

American Association for Marraige and Family Therapy - Site of the American Association for Marraige and Family Therapy. Includes US and Canadian therapist locator.

Marriage Builders - This site will introduce some of the best ways to overcome marital conflicts and some of the quickest ways to restore love.

Family IQ - Family IQ offers tests and courses designed to strengthen families one relationship at a time.

The Second Wives Club.com - This site deals with the Step Family and Remarriage Support by providing advice. This is an online community for stepmoms world-wide.

MOPS.ORG - Site for Mothers of Preschoolers. Dedicated to "Mothering Matters" issues.

MomScape - A unique website which helps mothers recapture the JOY of parenting. It also provides a look at the different roles as a mother -- as a parent, friend, lover, professional, and wife, as well as a way to create peace for yourself. StepMom issues and experiences are also shared.

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