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Teaching Children The Value Of A Dollar
As children we were hopefully all taught the value of a dollar; that the amount of work we put in will determine our reward. But in a day and age where children seem more materialistic than ever, it can be increasingly difficult to instill the proper values in our children. There are several parenting tips that experts agree will go a long way to ensuring your child has an appropriate and healthy attitude towards money. read more

The Importance of Your Credit Report
One of the many uses of people's credit report is to review how well organized their finances are and also show their quality of the credit life because every economical detail goes to this report and stays there for many years; even more so when it is a critical issue like a debt or bankruptcy. Many financial companies just look for this report and base their judgments on it. read more

Teaching Your Child About Money At An Early Age
By teaching your child about money at an early age you are doing them a huge favor. You have a better chance of your child being a well-rounded and responsible with an appreciation of the value and uses of money if you begin teaching them about money at an early age. Some parents might not understand where or how to begin teaching their child about money so they don't start this process until they are older. read more

Saving For College
College tuition continues to increase. It is hard for parents to put away money for their child's tuition on a short and long term basis. This article provides valuable tips on saving for your children's college tuition. read more

Fuel Efficient Vehicles
Have you ever been in the tough position of owning a vehicle that is not worth too much money but that needs an expensive repair? Maybe you have recently even dumped some pretty good change into the vehicle for items like new tires, a battery, a muffler, etc. And now it needs a major repair! read more

Tips to Make your Vehicle Go the Distance
If you are on a tight budget, or even on an unlimited budget, you know how important it is to make the most of what you have. Here are some tips that will help you to get more miles out of your vehicle. read more

How to Avoid Investment Mistakes
Smart people sometimes make dumb mistakes when it comes to investing. Part of the reason for this, I guess, is that most people donít have the time to learn what they need to know to make good decisions. Another reason is that oftentimes when you make a dumb mistake, somebody elseóan investment salesperson, for exampleómakes money. Fortunately, you can save yourself lots of money and a bunch of headaches by not making bad investment decisions. read more

Debt Free Living
Living a debt free life is not easy, but it is one that we can all have with some discipline and effort on our part. Here are some quick tips on how to get out from under that mountain of debt in your life and begin to get on the road to a debt free lifestyle. read more

The U.S. Mom Market and How Companies Market to Us
Moms are powerful and influential consumers in United States households today. By taking a look at demographics, marketplace trends and products we can see how companies market to Moms and how Moms purchase items. read more

Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day?
Many of us have probably wondered throughout the years why we celebrate Labor Day, though we have not made any concentrated effort to find out. It is a tradition that we accept with no questions asked. Some may not even be aware that Labor Day is more than just the end of summer activities. read more

Pre-Screened Links

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Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER) - WISER is a non-profit education and advocacy group whose mission is to help as many women as possible gain access to a secure retirement. Their web site contains fact sheets and tips on topics such as Social Security, pensions, savings and investing, divorce and widowhood, and healthcare.

Money Advice For those Living Together or Single - Being married may offer a number of financial advantages, but being single also has some clear-cut benefits. Learn how it affects taxes, credit, debt and other key issues.

SupportGuidelines.com - An article on how Stock Options can serve as income for purposes of child support.

Six Steps to Managing Money Conflicts - Managing money and steps parents should follow to avoid conflicts.

The Monetary Stress Institute - Money and relationship issues addressed.

The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom - The short list from Suze Orman.

Building good credit is essential to proper money management. Search through the best credit cards offered on the Internet, find a low interest credit card and fill out the credit card application. You are on your way to a sound financial future.

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