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Authors' Guidelines

SearchMothers.com is an interactive monthly and regularly publishes reader contributions. Readers can simply email their submission to the Editor for publication consideration. We welcome submissions from all our readers. We would love to hear from you.


Authors' Guidelines are provided here.

SearchMothers.com is written and edited for Mothers who routinely use the internet or online services for information gathering, research, and knowledge. Articles are directed to either single mothers, single mothers by choice, single or married custodial moms, or non-custodial mothers. They are searchers of information, and managers of their own resources in their personal and professional environments. We stress practical, how-to advice for mothers. The readership spans from the novice to experienced researcher on topics of: child custody, family law, child support, parenting, pregnancy, healthy living, money management, and work and career topics.

SearchMothers.com covers a range of topics, including trends in motherhood; new products, technologies and services for mothers; the Internet for mothers; parenting of children of all ages; trends with children and teenagers, custodial life, women's issues as it relates to her role as a mother; balancing motherhood and career; roles and responsibilities of mothers, quality time or parenting time issues; and maintaining or creating a healthy life.

Original Work and Syndicated Work
We would like original work. Write in simple, straightforward English. Short, fact-filled articles are favored over long, wordy pieces. Write tersely, in popular magazine style, not in academic prose. Begin the article with a paragraph or two to attract the reader's interest.

We accept excerpts from published books. It would be helpful to be offered a background or intro. sentence/paragraph about the topic.

We accept syndicated articles. We will favor syndicated articles written for the "Mothers" audience.

Stress "dos and don'ts" and "tips and techniques" that can be applied to readers' situations.

Use examples to enhance the text; gather comments from colleagues or users when appropriate and include them.

Use subheads frequently to break up text (make them descriptive).

You are encouraged to provide photos and screen shots where appropriate, also diagrams, charts, tables, and graphs if you have them and think they would enhance the article.

Cite references.

The byline should include the author's full name, title, and affiliation.

Mechanical Requirements

Please use a spell checker.

All parts of an article must be submitted in electronic format, preferably via e-mail. This includes sidebars, tables, charts, printouts, etc.
Microsoft Word is preferred, but if another format is required please don't hesitate to contact the editor.

Length can be anywhere from 750 to 3000 words (2 to 6 pages). Use the word count feature of your word processor to determine length.

Use as little formatting as possible in the manuscript since it must be removed and revised to suit our production requirements.

Use carriage returns only at the end of paragraphs, not after every line.

Photos, Charts, graphs, Tables, Illustrations
Submit all artwork or tables by e-mail if possible. If there are people in the photos please provide written permission to publish the photo on our site.

Acceptable file formats include: TIF, PICT, BMP, PCX, JPG, GIF. Good photographs or other illustrations are welcome and encouraged. Use high resolution.

URLs: Web sites referred to within the text of the article should be included in the text.

Manuscript deadlines are set by the editor, and are staggered according to publication schedules and work flow. Missing the scheduled deadline may jeopardize publication of your article since timeliness is often of critical importance.

Permission to Publish
Your email submission of the article is considered "given right to publish the article on the SearchMothers.com online magazine in electronic format", and to keep it in the archives for viewing during later months.

We Provide Full Attribution
We do not provide payment for articles, but we do provide credit and attribution with each article. Also, if you have written a book then we can provide a link to where your book is being sold (if you provide that link to us). Also if you have a website a link to your website will also be published.

Thank you for considering writing for SearchMothers.com!

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