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Weight Loss Motivation

Weight Loss and Staying Motivated
Trying to lose weight has probably got to be the single most difficult thing in my life that I have tried to accomplish. Ask anyone else that has lost weight or tried to lose weight and I am sure that they will tell you the same thing. If it was easy, a larger percentage of people would be successful at it.read more

Good Reasons to Diet
Losing weight depends on your commitment, attitude and perseverance. And guess what? It's a life-long challenge. Losing weight can improve health in many ways.read more

It's Not a Diet ~ It's Not Exercise ~ It's a Lifestyle Change
We are an educated society. We know what a healthy lifestyle looks like. But yet there are more and more new diets popping up all the time. Health clubs make a fortune on cancelled and unfulfilled memberships. The medical and psychological industries are treating more patients with stress related health problems. Our health and how we feel about ourselves physically directly affects our quality of life.read more

Transform "Weight Loss Losers" Into "Weight Loss Goal Achievers"
Life Coach Jeff Cadwell lists the 18 habits that transform "Weight Loss Losers" into "Weight Loss Goal Achievers".read more

Positive Self-Esteem for Binge Eaters
When you feel at your lowest point, food becomes your best friend. Food makes you feel better from the hurtful comment that you heard a stranger say about your weight. Food comforts you when no one else can. Food numbs any pain that you don't want to feel. But, food is actually the enemy in your life.read more

Your Brain Can Help You Lose Weight... Or Make You Fat!
You have set your weight loss goals and mapped out your plan to lose all those excess pounds that you have been dying to get rid off. In your mind, you have psyched yourself up -- this time you are going all the way out to lose all those pounds! "Nothing can stop me," you tell yourself. Then, you rationalize that in order for you to succeed in your weight loss goals, you must follow a super-strict diet and exercise routine. read more

Lose Weight by Getting into Focus
Your life experience is created by what you give your attention to or focus on. If you apply this principle to your current weight situation what do you think you should be focusing on? Do you think that you'll get better results by focusing on your current body or would it be better to focus on the body you desire? read more

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