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Low Carb Diets

An Introduction to Low Carb Diets
Low carbohydrate (or low carb) diet plans have really increased in popularity in the last ten years or so. This is in large part due to the success of the ever-popular Atkins diet and the low carb diets that followed it such as the South Beach diet. But you don't need the latest book or high priced diet program to follow a low carb diet. All you need is some basic dieting knowledge and one of the many low carb free diet plans that can be found on the web.read more

The Basics of Low Carb Diets
One of the most common diet plans is the low carbohydrate, or low carb, diet plan. What exactly is a low carb diet plan and how does it work? A low carbohydrate diet is based on the idea of restricting your daily carbohydrate intake.read more

Weight Loss Solution: Eat 20 Carbs a Day
Are you ready to peek over your shoulder in the mirror and look hot in those pants? Then eat 20 carbs a day. ''What? 20 carbs a day? Are you crazy, Dr. Leslie? Don't carbs make you fat?'' Yes and no.read more

Overrated Low Carb Diets
News flash, ''Carbohydrates don't make you fat! Eating too much makes you fat. Carbohydrates will not make you gain weight any faster than eating the caloric equivalent of either protein or fat. Have you ever heard the expression, ''What weighs more a pound of feathers or a pound of bricks?'' Obviously they both weigh the same, but its funny how many of us say a pound of bricks. read more

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