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Five Tips For Getting the Most Out of Your Time

By Dr. Beverly Tillman

Are You one of those women who is always wondering (or at least sometime wondering) ''where did the time fly?'' And you think about it.. and are ''still'' wondering! Well you can actually get control of time and still have time left over for yourself..read on.

Tip #1 Think positively about time! Time has to do more with what we think about it, than what we do with it. Have you ever noticed that when you are doing something you really like to do time just flies by? Then have you ever notice when you are ''forced'' to do some kind of activity you would rather not do (can you relate to not getting excited about doing taxes, or going to one more meeting at work, or cleaning up after a party?) time drags and it seems to take a lot of time or at least too much time to get the job done. Well I suggest that is because of the way you think about time. So the suggestion is to get into a positive attitude even with things you hate to do. How do you do that? Pretend! Will it be easy? It will only be easy to pretend if you ''choose'' positive thinking.

Tip #2 Get rid of the clutter. Clutter can put us behind the time! First of all if you are always cleaning clutter, time drags on and becomes a negative experience. So make it one of your major priorities to be organized at least about things that create your professional work environment.

Tip #3 Organize your list(s). Say what! You don't have a list? Then get one.. if you want to use time effectively you have to be organized with a to-do list or lists. Write down everything you have to do for this month, this week, this day, these next few hours. And don't forget to include listing the time you will spend for yourself like vacations, nails, socials, etc. Then prioritize the list. Yes, there is a priority... So don't kid yourself by insisting that everything is a #1 priority! It isn't. It just isn't! Once you get a to-do list or lists discipline yourself to stick to it.

Tip #4 Believe you are organized WITH enthusiasm. This is your ''intention'' to be forever organized. This is how this works. ''See'' yourself in an organized environment.. ''visualize'' how your bedroom looks, bathroom (oh it is neat and clean!), your hallways, your kitchen (yes, get rid of those dirty dishes NOW, not later), your office whether it is at home or away from home or on the job! After believing with enthusiasm that you are organized, next close your eyes and visualize how it looks. The burden is lifted. The feeling is great! [Doesn't this make you just want to jump up and go organize everything!!!!]

Tip #5 Plan ahead. This may sound and seem like organizing your list, but it is BIGGER. Planning ahead involves knowing what your commitment is to yourself personally and professionally 12 months, 18 months, 3 years, 5 years out into the future. Unfortunately when I present seminars most women do not have a plan. They go from day to day to day to day and then wonder why they aren't getting anywhere and time is flittering by. Time is flittering by, because you have not organized your time to live efficiently and powerfully. Yes, having power over resources and time is one of our most valuable resources leads to an efficient and effective lifestyle with time on your side!

Getting the most out of your time involves a bit of discipline in using your time wisely. When time is used wisely you will get more done and end up having time as a good friend. So if you are feeling a time crunch evaluate your life style and how you are using your time. You are empowered to use your time effectively and efficiently. Be Empowered.

About the Author:

Dr. Beverly Tillman, Author, Speaker, Seminar leader, facilitator and Coach is known for her dynamic high energy interactive presentations that transform men and women's lives. She is the author three books and Home Study Guides to include ''Making The Most out Of Your Life'' and ''Outrageous'' Success : for Women'' Her topics focus on empowering people to develop to their greatest potential, succeeding beyond boundaries, accomplishing goals yesterday, increasing sales, marketing for doctors and customer service. She holds tele-seminars and publishes ''Get Empowered'' News.


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