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Teenage Pregnancy

Is teen pregnancy an issue in your community? If you think it can happen in your family find out about a smart plan to confront it. Hundreds of thousands of teens nationwide are expected to participate in the annual National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy taking place on May 3, 2006 (and thereafter for several weeks). It is equally important to talk to boys and girls about preventing teen pregnancy. Sex has consequences for both a boy and a girl – both emotional and physical.

The goal of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy is to reduce the rate of teen pregnancy by one-third between 2006 and 2015.

SearchMothers.com has agreed to help the 2006 National Day be a success. The National Day is organized to reach teens directly through an innovative, online quiz. Starting May 3, 2006 (and for a few weeks thereafter), teens will be encouraged to go online to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy's website -- www.teenpregnancy.org -- to take a short, engaging, and informative quiz that asks teens to reflect on the best course of action in a number of tough and realistic sexual situations.

The 2006 National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy Quiz presents several real life scenarios involving sex and asks teens to choose a course of action. Over 630,000 people participated in last year's National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.

  • The Quiz will likely make your teen think about what they might do in such situations;
  • The Quiz will make the risks of sex and teen pregnancy seem more real to them

High School Students Surveyed

Below are some Current Statistics on Teens and Pregnancy from a recent Latina survey which suggest one major problem of communication that exists today between parents and teens.

45% of Latino teens aged 14-18 say that they have never had a helpful conversation with their parents about sex, yet 82% of parents of Latino teens say they have had such a conversation, according to a new survey released in the May 2006 issue of Latina magazine* .

In a Latina Teen Pregnancy Campaign survey of 183 Latino high school students in Los Angeles and New York and 153 parents of Latino teens revealed disconnects between Latino parents and teens:

  • Parents consistently underestimate teens’ level of sexual involvement.
  • 47% of the teens surveyed said they were sexually experienced, but only 30% of parents thought their kids had had sex.
  • 78% of teens said they either don’t talk to their parents about their sex lives, or they lie about it.
  • 58% of parents believe their kids are being honest with them about sex.
  • 68% of teens said they do not share their parents’ values about sex, even though an equal percentage of parents think their kids do.

Although the Latina teen pregnancy rate has decreased 15% over the last decade, currently more than half (51%) of Latina teens get pregnant by age 20.*

More Information on Teen Pregnancy

* 2006 Latina Magazine Press Release

Sources: TeenPregnancy.org, Latina Magazine, ChildTrends.org




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