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Martial Arts for The Kids and You

Today, martial arts training is accessible to everyone almost everywhere. If Moms can find the time while having their child attend class or for themselves alone then it is an excellent type of physical activity to get and stay healthy. The secret to martial arts training is knowing how to train your body. Moms can find a martial arts system suited to their own style of physical activity. Martial arts training involves paced amounts of physical training. Martial arts training also involves intercepting or redirecting an opponent's punch.

Two popular types of martial arts styles are: Tang Soo Do and Tae Kwon Do. Men, women, and children attend classes in these types of martial arts schools. Both use the concept of forms. Forms consist of various blocks and strikes patterned to develop control, rhythm, power, balance and speed. As an exercise, it is that part of the progression in the art which conditions the mind, body.

Martial arts style has a stylistic pattern different for given moves. Multiple moves are needed to master martial arts.

"Karate can help you stay young and stay in shape," said 6th degree Master Michael Matteo, from Tang Soo Karate Academy in Pine Hill, NJ. "It is important to get into a set routine. If you can attend a morning, afternoon, or evening class two or three days per week you will get something out of it."

What is key for a Mother is to find a school where she and her child can train together or at the same time. So then she can work her schedule into their's.

Master D.A.Giacobbe, world renowned Master of Tang Soo Do Korean Karate, who began his studies at a young age and has trained with several great Oriental Masters in the world, has opened Karate schools in the USA and understands well what the schedule needs of children and their parents are. At his Pine Hill, NJ School in Southern New Jersey classes run concurrently for kids and adults various nights during the week. He eventually had a school built where kids can train upstairs and adults downstairs, with occassional training together if desired during a scheduled time period.

All martial arts techniques are best learned from an experienced and qualified instructor, and then practiced with care and attention to detail. By practicing in slow motion, and then gradually increasing speed as the body and mind instinctively grasp the finer points of a martial arts technique, you or your child can learn proper form and execution. And this kind of deliberate training will automatically protect us, without us having to think about it, if we find ourselves in a self-defensive situation.

If you choose your martial arts classes wisely for your yourself or your child, it will create a solid foundation for learning. Going to a martial arts school is just like any other field of study - you will get out what you put in.

Karate chops and kicks were first seen in action films in the USA, and for that reason, karate became the first widely adopted form of martial arts training here. Although martial arts training has been available in the USA for at least 50 years, until relatively recently it was hard to find the kinds of resources we take for granted today.

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