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Infant Care

By J. Smith

Caring the infant is not an easy task and requires special care and attention. They have no means of communicating except their cries. An Infant has to be given a balanced diet in all stages of their growth to enable them to be healthy and strong. They should be vaccinated in time to prevent them from viral attacks, which make them fall sick.

Essential things to consider for infant care

Diapering your Baby: It is easy to become an expert at changing your baby's diaper -- just wash your hands, gather the following items and make sure you keep everything out of your baby's reach:

A fresh diaper: If you are using a cloth diaper, you will need either a clean diaper cover or pins and waterproof pants.

Baby-wash supplies: Diaper wipes or, if your baby is just one month or has diaper rash, cotton balls and warm water for cleaning and a small towel for drying.

Ointment: If necessary, for diaper rash (preferably one containing zinc oxide)

Cornstarch-based Powder: If needed, which should be applied to your hand and not shaken on your baby to prevent it from getting into your baby's lungs.

Swaddling your Baby: The first few weeks in the wide-open world can be unsettling for your newborn baby who recently emerged from the closeness of the womb. Swaddling, or wrapping your baby in a blanket can help him feel secure as he adjusts to his new environment.

Swaddling is effective for the first few weeks after birth. After one month, swaddling, which inhibits movement, can restrict your baby's development. Do not swaddle a baby in an especially warm room because overheating is a risk factor. If your baby does not enjoy being swaddled, it is fine. Holding your baby in a sling-type carrier is another best way to help your child feel safe and secure.

Bathing Your Baby

Bath time can be a wonderful and loving experience for both you and your baby. Here is some advice for approaching the task with good sense and confidence.

You may need to spot-clean daily in areas that get particularly sweaty, oily or dirty: the diaper area, face, neck and skin creases. Before you begin, make sure you have everything you need: Washcloth, Mild soap, Baby shampoo, Cotton balls, hooded towel, Rubbing alcohol, Cotton swabs, Diaper, and Clean clothes.

There are many recognized Child Care centers across the world, which provides infant care services to cater to the needs of the working single parents. These services are exclusively provided for infants between the age group of 2 months to 18 months. In addition to providing with reliable care services, they strive to meet and develop the physical, cognitive and psychosocial needs of the infant in a safe and conducive environment.

These centers are also equipped with trained and registered nurses or qualified infant care teacher to attend to the basic health and safety requirements of the infants. Additionally these Child Care Centres are also regulated by the rules and regulations of the Child Care Centres Act.

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