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The Mother's Day Gift That Keeps on Giving:
Giving Children Hope

If mothers could work together and could see other chldren as their own would this help make the world a better place to live? Many have had this plan. Through the interaction of women and children there is a common bond. Mothers try to make a better world for their children, but it is sometimes difficult to know how...if we try though, we can make a better children for our world.

If you recall the footage on television and photos in magazines of troubled mothers of slain or hurt children of war or poverty in Iraq, Kuwait, India and in some parts of America you can see the children's faces---it is clear that no political or ethnic boundaries could ever define the deep grief a mother feels from the loss or pain of a child.

The hope for peace is with these children's mothers and with us as we see these images. We can only imagine how bad it is for a child in a unstable or dangerous part of the world. Sometimes when we see these images we are filled with several emotions ---optimism, naivete, fear, love and hope that the world could actually be a better place.

As a mother this Mother's day SearchMothers.com asks that you make a compromise, make a social conscious change, make a difference...because Mothers can make the difference.

How do mothers take the first step? Year after year, mothers wish each other a 'Happy Mother's Day'. Well, this year it can be said with conviction ---as if wishing for "Peace for all children".

This is but one step toward positive change--- millions of people in thousands of communities around the globe --- work together to create opportunities for the world's children to live safe, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

The inspiration and vision for groups like Save the Children, Unicef and hundreds of other religious and world organizations came in great part from the international children's rights movement. This grew a self-help philosophy and practice still at work today in more than 60 countries: providing communities and families with a hand up, not a handout.

This approach - working with families and mothers to define and solve the problems their children and communities face and utilizing a broad array of strategies to ensure self-sufficiency - is the cornerstone of all these programs to help children.

We ask that you take time this May and give to the organizations below. By helping these children here and abroad financially, or by securing the rights of children, it will not only guarantee the well-being of the present generation, but also that of future generations.

Save The Children
Children Now

Other family organizations that need your help

National Association of Non-Custodial Moms (NANCM)
National Association to Protect Children

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