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Easter Egg Decorating

Decorated eggs are an outstanding way to create family heirlooms or beautiful Easter centerpieces for your table or special party function. For Egg Decorating with your kids this month the choices are:

1) Purchase a pre-packaged Easter Egg Kit. There are now a variety of kits available from standard to Tie-dye to confetti egg kits. A relatively new favorite is Confetti Egg Kits. They are fun to make and to break. Get some eggs, open up these confetti kits, use their egg blower to empty out the eggs then decorate them with the included markers and glitter glue, fill the egg with the bright tissue confetti, close the egg holes with the onion paper, clap your hands, and have a happy time.

2) Dye with Natural Ingredients - About any natural ingredient that you have around your house will work perfectly. Use Chlorine-free water or distilled water with items like: blueberries, cherries, beets, or turmeric. In order to get the natural dyes to stain the eggs a strong, rich color, you will need to let the eggs sit in the dyes overnight in the refrigerator. If you let the eggs sit in the natural dyes for only a few hours, they will turn out a pastel color, which is also quite beautiful -- dye to your heart's desired hue!

3) Dye with Food-Coloring - Use dyes made with food coloring. It is simpler and maybe more fun for your impatient son or daughter. To make the food-coloring dye put about 3 drops of food coloring into bowls of water, and stir until the water reaches your desired color. Try combining different colors to make your favorite. Place your hard-boiled (and cooled) eggs into the colored water and let them sit until the eggs reach the color you like. Remove the eggs from the dye and let them air-dry.

4) Paint your eggs. Make a paint-paste out of your food coloring and a few drops of distilled water, then paint a decoration onto the eggs. You may also dye them completely again in the color of your choice.

5) Make Elaborate Designs - If these colored eggs just aren't fun or good enough for you or the kids, you can try tie-dyed eggs, crayon eggs, or eggs with stickers. All you need for Tie-Dyed Eggs are rubber bands. Wrap the rubber bands around the eggs. Leave some of the egg shell exposed so it can be dyed. Once the eggs are dyed to the color you like, remove them from the water and let them dry. Once dried, pull the rubber bands off and presto you have a flash back from the 70s. Crayone Eggs are simple for kids. Have your kids use the crayon then dye your egg as you would normally. The crayone design is pronounced on the egg. Finally, there's also the idea of placing stickers on to the eggs before dyeing them, and then removing the stickers once the colors have set or just leaving them on to enhance the look.

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