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Top Companies for a Mom To Work For in 2005

This year we are starting a new trend. We are providing a list of what we feel are family-friendly companies to work for. These companies are on our 2005 Top 10 List of Family-Friendly companies because of their actions and their attempts at building responsiveness to women. Telecommuting, flexible schedules, job sharing and other programs are critical offerings that make companies labeled as responsive to family needs. We applaud these companies for their perserverence and understanding of what is important. They are clearly walking in the right direction. They appear to set the standard for programs and policies that allow married or single mothers to balance work and life with children. These companies take spots at the top with a range of programs and commitments to women's advancement.

Prudential Financial Services
This insurance, financial services and real estate service provider offers a range of flexible work arrangements and a lactation program, a noteworthy paid parental leave policy and well-attended programs designed to advance women. Bringing it to this list is also the Prudential Real Estate Brokerage services group which has a strong team of women/mothers which have created a pro-active, and caring atmosphere for employees, especially mothers.

Wegmans Food Market
This privately held grocery chain which shows gains quarterly and then in return shows them to their employees. They try to live by thier logo "employees first, customers second." The company does its best to help employees take care of their personal needs, and employees in turn are more dedicated to making the company stronger. " Its diverse work environment makes good business sense on a local and corporate level, and they are making progress in the work/life arena specifically for mothers.

Eli Lilly and Company
This pharmaceutical company offers high paid parental leave, noteworthy adoption aid program and a variety of well-attended advancement programs for women.

Johnson & Johnson
On-site child-care benefits, accountability on work/life issues and family-friendly resources and manager training help this medical products manufacturer retain a solid place among the best.

JPMorgan Chase
This financial services company is in our Top 10 because of outstanding paid maternity benefits, manager training and compensation policies that reward managers who help women advance.

Comcast Corporation
Though the corporate culture is very hard to convey in this technology telecom giant (like other telecom companies such as Verizon or Cingular). The general consensus among women is that Comcast rewards well and is fair for the aggressive and progressive company that it is. It is progressing toward being a work/life leader and has high usage of flex-scheduling options, a reasonable number of weeks of job-protected parental leave.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Provides flex-scheduling options and on-site child-care facilities as well as a large number of women attending leadership training all allow this pharmaceutical company to be in our top ten list.

Wachovia Corporation
This financial services company holds a place in this Top 10 list because of its extensive child-care benefits, a full list of family-friendly services and its commitment to diversity project that involved the collaboration of women/mothers.

S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc.
This company offers a full array of family-friendly services, manager training on work issues and solid, and consistent paid leave for new parents. It has an expanded Maternity/Paternity/Adoption Policy giving employees more time to be with a child following birth or placement with the family.

The number one reason Google was chosen is because of its army of freelancers that are allowed to work remotely from their homes. It works very hard to find the best employees, and its unique corporate culture plays a big role in its ability to retain these gifted people. Although not top heavy in hiring women to the top posts they have made some significant posts available to women in the last 3 years.

Companies do your female employees (who are mothers) really believe that you are supportive of them? It is time to think clearly about what you are actually losing by not supporting mothers.

Mothers today have different concerns from 20 years ago. As part of its ongoing corporate values program companies of today it is said that they should take a closer look at the mother (single, married, divorced, and unmarried) and possibly take a reality-series survey of them. One of the overwhelming areas of realization and concern- at all levels in the organization - is the work/life balance. Can a mother who has non-custodial custody of her children and only able to see them on Wednesdays or every other weekend adjust her schedule with her company. Are companies aware that single mothers (non-custodial and custodial) need flexible time to spend quality time with their children.

The biggest threat to business success is not related to giving money back to them, but supporting them on a personal level--They want the respect, the equal pay, and the schedule. Maybe employers' management should revisit their theory of what is a profile of a family-friendly company as well as their own practices and reputation before it's too late.

Below is our wish-list of the Family-Friendly Company from SearchMothers.com. Let us know your comments about this article. Email us at: mailto:info@searchmothers.com.

Profile of a Family-Friendly Company
--Key work-life balance initiatives
--Part-time work arrangements available
--Flexible time schedule arrangements for custodial or non-custodial parents available
--Job sharing arrangements available
--Designated place for new mothers to express milk (Lactating Area)
--Enhanced maternity leaves available
--Paternity leave available
--Child care support and provisions available

Business Benefits
--Improved retention
--Sustained quality productivity
--Higher staff morale
--Greater business efficiency
--Reduced absenteeism and sick leave

This list was compiled using email interview information, and research via the Vault.com http://www.vault.com

If your company would like to be considered for the 2006 list please send us the following information:

Email the following to: info@searchmothers.com. Are you a Small, Medium or Large organization?, a detailed list of how you provide for the needs of mothers in your company, a list of two people to interview at your company, and one representative from your company to be available for a brief phone survey.

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