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The Zone Diet: the Key in Balancing Your Way of Life

By: sturat mitchel

Want to achieve a certain balance in your life? The Zone Diet is the answer for it for this diet has the wonderful capacity to make the hormones to be in balance and be contained in a healthy range. It is the Zone Dietís goal to help one person attain a healthy, better, and longer life.

When you hear the word Zone Diet, the word balance is immediately associated with it. Why is that so? Principally because it deals with balancing the hormones in a moderate range that controls hunger. also with low calories but not neglecting the proper nutrients our body needs to sustain a longer healthy life.

The best thing in Zone Diet is that it promotes balance among the bodyís hormones not for a certain limited period of time but for a lifetime (as long as one sticks with the diet), and it does so in a moderate level. What do moderate level here means? This means that Zone Diet offers moderation in the following areas:

1. The Zone Diet has a very low fat protein.

2. The Zone Diet has little glycemic carbohydrates that can be found mostly in vegetables and fruits.

3. The Zone Diet has monounsaturated fats that are friendly and good to the heart.

Want to know some breakthroughs regarding the Zone Diet? According to the Joslin Diabetes Research Center of the prestigious Harvard School of Medicine, the Zone Diet is best expressed as:

1. moderate in carbohydrates diet,

2. moderate in protein diet; and

3. moderate in fat diet.

Basically, the Zone Diet can be understood in the ratio where there is one part of fat for every two parts of protein and three parts of carbohydrates. This ratio helped in the treatments of type 2 diabetes and obesity. See the goodness Zone Diet gives to our lives? There is more to discover about this amazing Zone Diet at Diet Fads

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