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Nutrisystem Review - A Review of the Nutrisystem Nourish Program

By: Vienna Miller

Thinking about trying the Nutrisystem diet?

Although the Nutrisystem diet is one of the most popular diet programs in the world, not every plan is right for each individual. If you're considering this diet program, here's a few things you need to know before deciding:

Nutrisystem Review:

NutriSystem has been in the weight loss business since 1972, making them one of the most experienced diet systems in the world.

They were one of the first programs to go online and deliver their food directly to the client's door - a smart move that has made them one of the most successful diet delivery services today.

Nutrisystem's diet delivery program is called Nutrisystem Nourish and is based on a diet of low Glycemic, 'good carb' foods. The meals are also low in fat and include enough protein and fibre to help keep your blood sugar stable.

Their weight loss program includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert every day (plus other fruits and vegetables that you buy yourself).

How the Diet Works:

You choose the program that fits your needs (Women's, Men's, Women's Over 60, Men's Over 60, Type II Diabetic or Vegetarian). Then choose the foods you'd like to eat from 120 prepackaged entrees, snacks and desserts.

You'll select one breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert for each day. (You can also elect to choose the 'Favorites' menu where the meals are chosen for you based on popularity)

You order 28 days at a time. Once you place your 28-Day order, your food will arrive around 6-10 business days later, along with a Welcome Kit featuring a checkbook-sized Meal Planner.

The planner outlines your daily meals and guides you on how to proceed with your program day to day.

When you receive your meals, you don't need to refrigerate or freeze them. They can be stored at room temperature in a cupboard or on the countertop. They come with heating instructions and usually take about 5-10 minutes to prepare.

While there are several other similar diet delivery programs on the market, one of the best things about Nutrisystem is the tremendous support their clients receive like:

Online or Phone Counselling

Nutrisystem Nourish Catalog

Daily Dose Motivational Message

Online Newsletter

Online Classes

Online Bulletin Boards and Chat Rooms

Online Weight Loss and Fitness Diaries

Member Profile Section

The website itself is simple, easy to navigate, and find answers. It offers Live Help and plenty of inspiring before-and-after pictures of real people who have lost weight with the program.

Unfortunately sometimes 'diet' meals can taste bland and boring. Nutrisystem has tried to get around this problem by explanding their menu and adding several new items.

What kind of meals do you get on the program? Here are some menu examples:

- Scrambled Eggs with Peppers and Mushrooms

- Chicken and Pasta in Cacciatore Sauce

- Pot Roast - Gravy over Beef, Potatoes and Vegetables

- Cheese Ravioli with Basil Tomato Sauce

- Chocolate Fudge Cake

Overall Conclusion:

Nutrisystem Nourish has probably the best track record of any diet delivery service - having been one of the first companies to take weight loss online.

They've been around long enough to work out the kinks in their system and give clients what they need in terms of support while they're losing weight.

The meals are not necessarily 'gourmet' meals, however they are quite appetizing, easy-to-prepare and extremely affordable - starting around $11 a day.

The selection is excellent and it's also a bonus that you can choose your menu items - which you cannot do with some other diet delivery programs.

Bottom Line? Compared to many other diet delivery programs, Nutrisystem is much more affordable ($11 a day), offers you lots of support tools, and a wide variety of meals that you get to choose yourself. Accordig to the website you can expect to lose 10 pounds in 5 weeks - which is reasonable weight loss goal.

All in all, a good value. (As with any life change of course, consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet.)

About the Author - Vienna Miller

Vienna Miller writes for Diet Delivery - offering in-depth reviews & ratings of Diet Delivery services. For more information visit http://www.DietDeliveryReviews.com

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