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The Basics of Low Carb Diets

By: Brittany

A lot of people have been looking at ways to slim down and lose weight. There are a lot of existing diet plans and guidelines that make a lot of claims, sometimes unfounded ones, boasting of effects in just a number of weeks. These claims may be a bit doubtful so you should always look into the details before jumping in and starting a diet plan.

One of the most common diet plans is the low carbohydrate, or low carb, diet plan. What exactly is a low carb diet plan and how does it work? A low carbohydrate diet is based on the idea of restricting your daily carbohydrate intake. This kind of diet plan is basically for people considered as carbohydrate addicts - people who have consistent cravings for any kind of carbohydrates. Restricting carbohydrate intake will eventually lessen any craving for carbohydrates, thereby reducing your food consumption.

There are a number of low carb diet plans available, some of the most popular are:
1. Atkins Diet also known as the Atkins System: This program will require you to sequentially go through a series of phases as you lose excess weight
2. South Beach Diet: Initially developed for prediabetics and patients with heart disease wherein weight loss came simply as a side effect of the prescribed diets for maintaining glucose and insulin levels
3. Zone Diet: A plan with a strong emphasis on insulin control and will only require you to add more fat to your diet when maintaining your ideal weight to stop yourself from losing any more. This follows the simple ratio of 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, 30% fat
4. Protein Power: A simple plan that involves eating more protein.

If you choose to go on a low carbohydrate diet, I highly recommend the South Beach Diet. The South Beach Diet is a way of eating that allows you to live contently without eating the bad carbs and fat. The South Beach Diet is a way of life and it is a lifestyle change. In the third phase you are allowed to add back good carbs to your diet so you do not have to live without carbs forever! Since this diet is a lifestyle you can lose weight and keep it off for good!

Following a low carb diet plan will result in weight loss as shown in online success stories. People who have successfully gone through a low carb diet say their cravings for junk food have subsided. They also say they no longer have any carbohydrate binges. Individuals who stick to a diet for a long period of time claim that they lost a significant amount of weight. Aside from personal testimonials on the effectiveness of low carb diets, there are health centers that confirm the fact that low carb diets work; however, these centers assert that the weight loss is due to changes in the body's water balance.

As with all diet plans out there, certain risks are involved when going on a low carb diet. Some known side effects are constipation, flatulence, and excess protein. Another known side effect is ketosis. Ketosis, a metabolic disorder, is commonly related to diabetes; however, it can also be caused by carbohydrate deficiency. This disorder is brought about by the build up of ketones, a chemical produced by the body as a byproduct of fat combustion.

Everyone should weigh the pros and cons associated with going into a low carb diet plan. It is best to be informed, so do your research and never forget to consult your physician before even deciding on a type of low carb diet. Remember, it is your health at stake here, so it is best to be safe than sorry. Also, you should begin exercising regularly along with your diet in order to maximize your weight loss.

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