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Losing Weight The Jenny Craig Way

By: Clive Jenkins

One of the most thriving weight loss plans around is the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program. It may not sound so familiar but it has actually been around since 1985. Just like any other weight loss program, Jenny Craig is founded on discipline. It only follows a discipline of choosing proper diet complemented by regular exercise and living the healthy way. Jenny Craig program is said to be very safe and reliable since a group of dieticians and health counselors supervises it.

With Jenny Craig program, you are provided with individual pre-packed foods, which are also known as "Jenny Cuisine". These pre-packed foods are intended to teach people who want to lose weight to practice portion control in their diet. It also intends to teach dieters how to choose foods with proper nutrients especially needed by the body, so, the dieters will get used to eating nourishing food. Jenny Cuisine also provides snacks and desserts that complement your diet plan. You can add to this diet fruits and vegetables and other foods you might want to include that can be bought in the market for as long as it meets the constraint of the Jenny Craig diet plan.

The purpose of the pre-packed meals is to serve as a pattern to healthy ingestion. During the process, the dieters will also be guided by health counselors in recognizing right portioning of food groups in each meal and at the same; they will also learn to cook their own food at home. Part of the Jenny Craig program is to discipline oneself to practice proper portion sizing even when eating out.

Basically, Jenny Craig program do not disallow any food from a person's diet. You can eat French fries or even cake. The keyword is "moderation". Learning the proper portioning is what the diet plan is about. The program also encourages the observance of balanced diet and regular exercise into a person's everyday life. Therefore, everything is all about discipline to achieve the weight one desires, which is very attainable without having to avoid one"s favorite food. Discouraging certain foods is not part of the program. Instead, the Jenny Craig program informs and educates the dieters what to eat in moderation and what to eat liberally. There is no need to deny what your taste buds are craving for.

The program does not focus on a person's nutritional regime alone. Jenny Craig promotes regular exercise. It encourages its clients to involve themselves in any physical activity at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week. The program emphasizes the importance of being physically active as part of the entire process. No diet can stand alone. It has to be complemented by exercise as the Jenny Craig is founded on a low Calorie diet.

Jenny Craig is a program where losing considerable weight and maintaining body figure can be easily achieved. Actually, the diet plan is very basic. Eating in moderation, having a balanced diet and doing regular work out are things we know we should be doing. The good thing about Jenny Craig is that it provides professional help by informing and guiding clients as to what foods they should be including in their diet based on their own body requirement, therefore, giving a remarkable outcome.

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