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Lose Weight by Getting into Focus

By: Bill Schuchman

Lose Weight by Getting into Focus

As we have discussed in prior newsletters, your life experience is created by what you give your attention to or focus on. If you apply this principle to your current weight situation what do you think you should be focusing on? Do you think that you'll get better results by focusing on your current body or would it be better to focus on the body you desire? To answer to that question you must ask yourself another question. Which feels better? Do you feel happier focusing on the way your body currently is or do you feel happier focusing your attention on the way you want your body to look? The answer should be obvious, by focusing your attention on the future you; you experience emotions such as hope, anticipation, faith, and happiness.

You attract what you focus your attention on.

I cannot stress this strongly enough!

If you want to remain overweight then you should continue to focus on what you have been focusing on, all the negative aspects of your body, your weight and the foods you currently eat. From birth until death we are always moving in the direction of our most dominant thoughts.

In order to lose weight you are going to have to change what you focus on. You must in essence, change everything in you, your thoughts and emotions, before you can change the outer you, your body.

In upcoming newsletters we will be giving you several tools you help you bridge your current thinking. The first tool is what I call the storyboard process. Get yourself a notebook or journal and create your compelling future now. In your journal you are going to create a future where you have already achieved your weight loss goals. That's right; write this as if it's already happened. Write this as if it is the present time.

- What is your weight, your perfect weight?

- When you see yourself in the mirror how do you look and feel?

- How do you feel when your significant other compliments you that you are looking so great?

- How do others react to the new you and how does this make you feel?

- How do you now dress and how does that make you feel?

- What are all the ways your life has improved now that you have achieved your new ideal weight?

- How does that make you feel?

- In what ways are you more active and how does that make you feel?

- How has your health improved and how does that make you feel?

- How do you relate to food now and how does that make you feel?

- What emotional issues have you resolved and how does that make you feel?

Write as much detail as possible. Once you're done, read what you have written, and as you do allow yourself to become excited. Keep allowing the excitement to flow, become as excited and joyful about your future as possible.

Now as you continue to fantasize about the future imagine, that it is happening now, imagine that it is the present you. Allow yourself to feel happy and thankful to the Universe.

Your subconscious can't tell the difference between what's real or what's imagined. But what your subconscious will do is guide your actions based on your beliefs.

When you can focus on and imagine the future you now and in this present time your subconscious will help guide your actions to create what you imagine.

Have fun with this process. Really get into it.

One you have completed your storyboard you now need to step into it. You need to imagine that the future you is happening now. Imagine that the new you is already here in the present moment. Bring all of your scenes into your reality. See, smell, physically and emotionally, feel how you will feel when you reach your goal weight. Let the happiness build and when it can't build anymore, when your emotional state is peaking, give thanks to whomever you believe will play a part in creating this new you

Add to your journal each day. Review your future and see if there are any additional details that you would like to add. Every day step into the new you, peak your emotions and offer thanks.

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