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Fat Smash Diet - Does it Work

By: Phil Hixon

Fat Smash Diet - In A Nutshell

The very popular Fat Smash Diet is a ninety day program invented by dr. Ian Smith. It has put up competition to the Idiot Proof Diet in terms of weight loss. It has 4 phases where each phase has a list of allowable and non allowable foods during that particular phase.

The idea behind the fat smash diet is to rid yourself of old habits and improve yourself through new challenges and passions. It teaches how to eat healthy but that you don't need to worry about eating a bad mean every now and then. The point is to find balance and not do things in excess.

Fat Smash Diet - The 4 Phases

The fat smash diet is a 90day program with 4 phases to help adjust your body to relationships to food and exercise. It stresses not only a relationship with your body but also the way you feel and your attitude toward food.

Each phase is not independent but tied to each other like levels each one step to success. You do each phase after the previous.

1) Detox Phase - Lasts 9 days and cleans your mind and body. Your food intake will be mostly veggies and fruits. According to the fat smash diet you can lose anywhere from six to ten pounds during this phase.

2) Foundation Phase - Lasts 3 weeks. You learn the basics of healthy eating and correct portions.

3) Construction Phase - Lasts 4 weeks. You develop a way of eating that allows you to include the foods you love like breads, dessert, and pastas

4) Temple Phase - You learn how to maintain and use self control. You should treat your body like a temple and respect and honor it by not getting out of control


The Fat Smash Diet is easy read and to the point

There are a variety of foods to choose in case you do not like some of the suggested meals

The best part is portion control as this was one of my big problems


The concepts and philosophy of the book is great but it's not something that gives you a laid out step by step plan that is easy to follow it more is a 'this is why you should do it' and the philosophy

It wasn't as step by step as I would have liked. Although it had examples of foods it didn't lay out EXACTLY what to eat like the Idiot Proof Diet

About the Author - Phil Hixon

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