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Back to the previous shape permanently

By: Rob Albert

When people talk about weight loss, it usually means that they want to get back in their previous shape. But this is not so easy to come back to the sleek shape. There is no magic formula or method for losing weight. Weight loss is directly related to difference between the no. of calories consumed and no. of calories burnt in our body. If I expend 2,000 calories per day and eat only 1,500 I will lose weight. Now the question arise how many extra calories do I need to burn from my diet to lose a single pound?

For the average person, 3500 calories equals 1 pound of fat. If you want to lose 1 pound in a week you will eat 500 less calories per day than what your body needs. This is the simple mathematics i.e. 500C x 7 = 3500C.

The total amount of calories present in the food depends upon the type of food we eat. A single gram of fat contains more calories as compared to a gram of protein or a gram of carbohydrates. So, if we eat food which contains more fat as compared to protein or carbohydrates than it will affect our health and increase the amount of calories in our body. For reducing the amount of calories in our body, exercise is the best method. But if we can not reduce our target weight by exercise alone, than we need to focus on some other solutions too.

For reducing weight we should decrease the amount of calories consumed in our diet then only our body will reduce some extra pounds. Before we eat something we should know the total amount of calories in that. Read the labels on everything we eat so that we know exactly how many calories are there in single serving. For example if 150 calories listed on a loaf of bread for a single slice.

Avoid refined sugar, Tran's fats and partially hydrogenated oils and products those are heavily processed with chemicals. These types of food contain more calories as compared to others. Most of our extra calories come from these types of foods which we can not stop eating once we start. We should make habit for eating these types of food only once or twice in a week. For example if we take alcohol and chocolate on a daily basis then we should reduce this to only once or twice in a week.

Choose foods that are low in calories and do some exercise which is the better way for losing weight as compared to depending on diet pills.

Source: ArticleWareHouse.com

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