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Atkins Diet Plan: Foods You Can Eat and Still Lose Weight

By: Mellisa

Atkins Diet Plan for weight loss is an attractive choice over other diets because it allows a substantially larger list of foods you can eat while still being able to lose weight. Atkins Diet Plan is low-carb, not no-carb – and you’ll never have to worry about hunger pains while you’re on the Atkins Diet Plan.

Atkins Diet Plan is often mistakenly believed to be a no-carb diet rather than low-carb diet. Although the first two weeks of the Atkins Diet is challenging, there is a long list of fulfilling foods that you can eat - and still lose weight with - during the induction phase of Atkins Diet Plan. The induction phase is the first phase of the Atkins Diet, and severely limits the carbohydrate-rich foods you can eat for two weeks. During the second phase of Atkins Diet Plan, which is the 'ongoing weight loss' phase, you can slowly add small amounts of carbohydrates to the list of foods you can eat. Later in the Atkins Diet Plan, you will be able to increase the foods you enjoy by burning more calories.

Atkins' induction phase has severe limitations on carbohydrates because the purpose of this phase is to get your body to rely on burning fat, instead of the glucose produced by the carbohydrates. In the medical community, this is the state of 'ketosis.' But even the two-week induction phase in Atkins Diet Plan is not 'no-carb,' it is 'low-carb.'

Many dieters feel that the most attractive benefit of the Atkins Diet Plan is that it allows for substantially more types of foods, which you can eat and still be able to lose weight. Throughout the induction phase, and the ongoing weight loss phase of Atkins Diet, a dieter is allowed to eat a liberal amount fish, fowl, shellfish, meat and eggs, including bacon.

An Atkins dieter can also eat cheese and still lose weight with the Atkins Diet. (They may, however, have to give up Cheez-wiz because fake cheese is not allowed.) Cheese you can eat and still be able to lose weight with are the firmer varieties such as Cheddar, and the soft and semi-soft cheeses, such as goat cheese, cream cheese, mozzarella, Swiss and blue cheese. Just like any diet, there’s a long list of vegetables you can eat when you’re on the Atkins Diet Plan to lose weight. Unlike other diets, the Atkins Diet Plan allows you to eat the fats, salad dressings and condiments that low-fat diets disallow. However, Atkins still advises dieters to choose the healthier fats in their diet eating plans.

The science behind the Atkins Diet Plan uses fat consumption from the new diet eating habits to inhibit cravings for carbohydrates. Although 'sweets' are not allowed, there are enough viable low-sugar and low-carbohydrate options on the market today that can compensate for food cravings. Sugar substitutes are allowed, and dedicated Atkins dieters have posted thousands of recipes over the Internet for Atkins carb-friendly desserts. Today’s creative food technologists and food marketers have provided substitutes for virtually everything that’s not allowed. A good example of 'sweet' in Atkins 'no sweet' diet would be Atkins Advantage™ Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar.

Atkins Diet Plan is the diet plan of choice if you have a hearty appetite and are interested in a weight loss program that will provide you with plenty of foods that you can eat and still lose weight with. Diet eating with the Atkins Diet Plan is challenging the first two weeks, but millions of people, and many scientific studies, have proven that the Atkins Diet Plan is a successful method to reach weight loss goals. If you enjoy eating and are evaluating your diet plan options, the Atkins Diet Plan is worthy of serious consideration. You can eat and still lose weight with the Atkins Diet Plan. Lose weight without the hunger pains by trying the Atkins Diet Plan – they have a hearty menu waiting just for you.

About the Author - Mellisa

Melissa Webster is the guru of diet eating for weight loss. She specialized in Atkins diet

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