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The Get A Life Campaign
Author Q&A

We are happy to profile a new book by Tyeese Gaines Reid , the author of The Get A Life Campaign

What is “The Get A Life Campaign” all about?
It’s about busy women finally making time for themselves, getting what they want out of life, and not feeling bad about wanting more. It’s about getting out of the rut and staying out. The book addresses the most common reasons that we end up in the rut and concise, no-nonsense ways to attack them.

What has the feedback been so far?
The feedback has been positive and I keep getting asked about the next book! The most interesting thing that has come out of writing “The Get A Life Campaign” is the “me too” factor. It never occurred to me how many women, regardless of our differences, feel the same way.

When you’re in the rut, you feel like you’re the only one going through it… or you don’t want to complain because life could be so much worse. But, that’s not what’s important. Life is not about settling. It’s about living. And it’s about realizing that you’re not the only one and sometimes you need to surround yourself with other women who also want more out of life who can help you even when you don’t have the strength to do it on your own. I think the book is helping women realize that.

What made you write the book?
It took a few years of ups and downs for me to realize what was missing in my life. When you’re striving for something – a particular job, finishing school, or more money, for example – it’s easy to feel like your unhappiness is temporary and will get better once those challenges are gone. But, once you start to get those things and you’re still unhappy, you realize that the problem was you all along. Adulthood doesn’t have to be dull and overwhelming. We choose to let those things consume us. It’s time to take our lives back.

After a few friends shared that they too had lost themselves, we banded together to make sure we were adding new experiences to our lives. We didn’t exactly know what to do at first. We bought a few books, watched a few movies, started a blog, but we were strictly doing it by trial and error. That’s what GAL is all about – do what works best for you.

What makes you the expert?
Well, I am certainly an expert on being busy – between being a doctor, a mom, a wife, and a writer along with my volunteerism and hobbies. But, I didn’t write the book as a doctor or an expert. I wrote the book from one busy woman to another, based on my experiences and those I have witnessed.

This book is not one way of doing things. It’s not the Tyeese Prescription for Life Happiness. It’s simply a compilation of problem-solving techniques that are straightforward for women to try. I didn’t want to write a long psychoanalysis of life’s problems, because we don’t have time for that. Busy women need it short and to the point. And that’s what I’ve tried to do here with “The Get A Life Campaign.”

Is that why the book is so thin?
Absolutely! My readers should be out there getting a life, not bogged down reading a thick textbook about their problems. “The Get A Life Campaign” is concise and to the point. It’s meant to be thrown into a tote page, a back pocket or a purse with ease. Where the book leaves off, the interactive website is meant to supplement.

Tell me more about this website.
Visitors can become registered members on www.getalifecampaign.com and receive weekly newsletters full of news and tidbits for the busy woman. We also have a feature where you can track your progress. So, if today you set a goal of reading one book a month and jogging twice a week, you can log that on the site and keep track of how you’re doing. We also have forums where you can chat with other busy women, especially if you don’t have a group of friends close by to discuss your issues with.

Why is this book only for women? Don’t men have these same issues?
Because, men inherently have lives. In fact, there is a whole section in the book about the things we women can learn from men about getting a life. Sometimes, we don’t understand the quirky things they do, but a lot of times, they are just finding a way to make themselves happy in small ways. Have you had relapses?

Certainly. The week before the book went to print, I was taking a huge exam for my physician’s license when my dog of 18 years had to be put to sleep. I also was knee deep in book publicity, not to mention I still had a family to take care of. The night before my test, I found myself stressed out in a bubble bath reading my own book instead of studying, trying to remind myself how not to get back into the rut. Bad times will happen. The book just helps you view the situations differently. The book seems personal. Is this about you?

The examples I talk about are compiled from my experiences and those I have seen friends go through. A lot of the suggestions I write about are the same I give my friends and they give me on a regular basis. I did reveal a few secrets though – for example, my friends now know that sometimes I “miss” their calls on purpose so I can have more personal time. Oops.

Why is this book a must have?
Every busy woman has been in the rut. “The Get A Life Campaign” gives tips on how to change your habits so that you can break out of the rut. Where can potential readers find the book? My website provides links for where to purchase the book online. If someone goes into either an independent bookstore or a chain like Borders, and it isn’t there, they can ask the store to order it.

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