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Child Support

Deadbeat Parents and Pizza Boxes
Editorial - Deadbeat Parent, Deadbeat Dads, Deadbeat Moms. The term Deadbeat Dads refer to men that have fathered a child, but fail to pay child support ordered by a family law court or a Child Support Agency. Similarly, Deadbeat Moms refer to the like---women failing to pay child support. Read about the efforts to find the “deadbeat parent” and more. read more

Child Support Enforcement
All states run a child support enforcement program, either in the human services department or department of revenue, often with the help of district attorneys and other law enforcement agencies and officials of family or domestic relations courts. Families seeking child support services must apply directly through their state or local agency which is running the program. Almost $18 billion in child support is distributed to a caseload of about 17 million. read more

Steps To Collecting Child Support
The first step if a child was born out of wedlock, is to establish paternity - or make a legal determination of who fathered the child. read more

What is the Child Support Tax Intercept Program?
Federal law allows for offsets of federal income tax refunds on past due support owed. The Federal Tax Refund Offset Program collects past due child support from the tax refunds of parents who have been ordered to pay child support. This program is a cooperative effort between the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE), and the State’s child support office, the Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE). read more

SearchMothers : List of Child Support Offices - Complete list of State Child Support Enforcement Offices with phone numbers and faxes.

Pre-Screened Links

Child Support Network - Child Support Network is a national specialized service company designed to locate missing parents and collect and enforce court-ordered child and spousal support payments. They serve as an alternative to overburdened state child support agencies. CSN is licensed and bonded, and is a member of the Single Parents Association and the American Collectors Association.

Child Support Options - Newsletter of the National Coalition for Child Support Options.

Child Support Recovery Service- Amerisource - This site offers contact information to an organization that helps parents collect back child support payments.

Child Support Today - This site offers a DVD and workbook information on child support that might be helpful.

Delinquent Dad.com - This is a completely not-for-profit site, filled with regularly updated information on child support enforcement. On the road to becoming one of the primier free sites for those seeking to enforce their right child support, with access to relevant law, forms, agencies, and more.

Divorce LAW Information - Site includes divorce forms, divorce law, child support resources including Support Calculators and more.

National Child Support Enforcement Association - Non-profit organization promoting child support enforcement.

Supporting Our Children - This site offers tools that can be used to help the people most involved in the lives of children, parents and teachers. they offer books, training bursts, templates and fact sheets that have helped parents and school staff members. This site offers a unique Child Support record book that has been used to keep track of child support and for use in child support cases. Keeping Track of Your Child Support offers both custodial and non-custodial parents an opportunity to keep information on their child support case. This 23-page recordbook will assist parents during court hearings and allows parents to maintain a record of child support payments, visitations and other information asociated with the child support case.

SkipTools People Search - Free people search finder. This site searches white Pages, public records, public school records, military, college directories, yellowpages, and more.

SupportGuidelines.com - SupportGuidelines.com is the comprehensive resource for the interpretation and application of child support guidelines in the United States.

State and Federal Child Support Laws - Handbooks, pamphlets, fact sheets and more on State and federal child support.

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