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Family Law

Setting The Scene For Success In Divorce
A court can grant leave or permission to a person who has custody of a minor child to remove the minor child from the current jurisdiction to live in another jurisdiction.Learn about the difficulty for the custodial or non-custodial parent.read more

Considerations when choosing a Lawyer
One thing to look for in a lawyer is if there expertise matches what you are looking for. If you are looking for a divorce lawyer it is safe to say that you will want to find somebody who has experience in that field. This will suit you much better than searching for lawyers who concentrate on personal injury. When you find a lawyer that is experienced in what you are interested in, you will then be able to move forward with confidence. read more

Who Decides Interstate Custody Disputes?
We live in an increasingly more mobile society and a society with a divorce rate that exceeds 50%. As a result, there are more custody disputes, and they have frequently become interstate custody disputes. read more

Pre-Screened Links

American Bar Association - Search the American Bar Association site for family law information.

Association of Certified Family Law Specialists (ACFLS) - Family Law Specialists in California

FamilyLawCourts.com - A site that explains why family law courts by design, exist to generate income, and should not be the first place to turn, when seeking a divorce.

Free Advice.com - Website with general legal information to help people understand their legal rights in 100 legal topics including family law.

NOLO.com - Browse NOLO.com's site for information on child custody and support information. This site includes a law center, A comprehensive FAQ area, and information on how to do your own research on statutes and cases.

Legal-Help-USA - Professional legal aid from a nation-wide team of expert lawyers that provide help and assistance with all legal family law related issues. Reportedly there will be a referral to lawyers in your area offering sound legal help for Less Than $1 per Day. This site is otherwise known as www.child-support-custody.com.

Legal Resource Center - Repository of free forms, free software and free information related to the law and legal profession.

LegalZoom - LegalZoom uses the latest technology to help you prepare legal documents online. Once you complete a questionnaire, your documents will be prepared within 48 hours. They reportedly review documents and file them with the courts at no additional cost.

Public Service Law Referral via ABA - In non-criminal or "civil" cases, you do not have the right to a free lawyer. There are many legal aid and pro bono programs in communities in the U.S. which provide legal help for those of limited income-to-poor status. People with income below the federal poverty guidelines are generally eligible for free legal help through these programs. Please visit this American Bar Association website for information on free legal service and those federal poverty guidelines.

US Dept. of Justice - Pro-Bono Program for Immigrants - This site is a part of the Pro Bono Program. It is directed toward helping women and men through the immigrants rights organizations, the INS, Bar Associations, law schools, and other groups to improve the level and quality of pro bono representation before the Immigration Court and the Board of Immigration Appeals.

Womans Divorce - Website provides divorce advice and help for women. This site covers the divorce process, with information on child custody, child support, separation and mediation, as well as advice for coping with your emotions and starting over.

Womans Law - WomensLaw.org was founded in February 2000 by a group of lawyers, teachers, activists, and web designers interested in seeing the power of the Internet work for more disadvantaged people and specifically for survivors of domestic violence. They pulled together their experiences and resources and launched this website in October 2001.

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