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Child Custody

Tips for Winning at Custody
Winning at Custody is one of the most difficult issues Moms confront in divorce. In many cases, both parents want custody and are willing to spend whatever it takes to win. Custody is all about what is best for the children - and that involves proving that you are the best parent - i.e. that the other parent is not as good a parent as you and/or that the other parent is just simply not good at parenting. read more

Who Decides Interstate Custody Disputes?
We live in an increasingly more mobile society and a society with a divorce rate that exceeds 50%. As a result, there are more custody disputes, and they have frequently become interstate custody disputes. read more

Custody Cases - Protecting Children from Abuse
When allegations of child sexual abuse arise during a custody case, unfortunately, the professionals who are involved often look first to question the motives and veracity of the protective parent rather than to what they can do to protect the child. Most people think that making allegations of sexual abuse is a sure way for the protective parent to win the custody case. Nothing could be further from the truth. read more

Virtual Visitation
This article provides answers to your Virtual Visitation questions. Basically, each parent needs a computer with Internet access and a digital camera connected to their computers to send live video images over the Internet. Typically a webcam is used. Webcams range in price from $25 to $400. read more

Step-Parent Adoption: When He Wants to Adopt your Child
Before and after the marriage to a spouse with a child, a man may like to step into the role of parent. In the United States to be eligible to adopt as a step-parent, he must be eighteen years of age or above and presently be married to a consenting biological or adoptive parent. Also, both biological parents must consent or if there is a contestment--the non-consenting parental rights must be terminated. read more

Considerations when choosing a Lawyer
One thing to look for in a lawyer is if there expertise matches what you are looking for. If you are looking for a divorce lawyer it is safe to say that you will want to find somebody who has experience in that field. This will suit you much better than searching for lawyers who concentrate on personal injury. When you find a lawyer that is experienced in what you are interested in, you will then be able to move forward with confidence. read more

The "Non-Divorce" Divorce
A new phenomenon in which a married couple remains together, in almost every sense of the word, despite the fact that both desire a divorce is being referred to as the "non-divorce" divorce. Supposedly, this trend is gaining popularity as the solution to a failed marriage. The "non-divorce" divorce is a mutual verbal agreement between two married individuals who want to keep their marriage in tact, but fully accept that the relationship is over. The goal is to feel divorced while continuing to live together and not get a divorce. They live in the same family home as roommates, participate in their children's lives as they had before they wanted a divorce, and maintain/preserve the marital estate. read more

SearchMothers: Federal and State Statutes - Lists Legal Research Sites containing Federal and State Statutes on Child Custody as well as a list of Legal Research Websites.

SearchMothers: Definition of Terms - A List of common Child Custody Terms and Definitions.

Custody: Books - A List of top books on joint custody, shared parenting, child support, divorce and more.

Pre-Screened Links

Custody Prep For Moms - An education website to provide information to fit and loving mothers who have found themselves in the quagmire of a contested child custody case.

Child Custody InfoCenter - Service offers child custody news and information on divorce, family law, and the different types of child custody.

Directory of Child Custody Attorneys - Database of Attorneys. Reportedly free viewing of Attorney information. "Attorneyfind" Directory of Adoption Attorneys, with links to their e-mail and Websites.

Custody Records - Resources to help you investigate a spouse. Find custody records for individuals.

Custody Help at PACE - Professional Academy of Custody Evaluators Offer Info & Advice.

Child Custody Calendar Software - Create a child custody calendar. Custody X Change is a new family lawyer software package that can create child custody calendar(s) and child visitation agreements that greatly reduces family law attorney time and frustration in custody battles.

Child Custody & Divorce Resources - Great listing of child custody & divorce resources by state. CustodySource.com and Child Custody & Divorce Resources are trademarks and/or service marks of CustodySource.com.

Child Custody Organization - Nationwide divorce and custody organization with information that can help you in your case. They reportedly provide a free Custody Newsletter via Email twice a month.

Child Custody FYI - Informative site about child custody including the types available, divorce, visitation rights, and child support.

Child Custody - Free Advice - Provides basic information on child custody including definitions of terms. Links to Lawyers are provided.

Coalition of Parent Support - California state legislation concerning child-support issues. Includes event and research news and a membership form.

The Child Abuse Defense Kit - False child abuse charges are used as an unfair tactic in divorce and custody cases; resources for the falsely accused, lawyers, pro-se resources, expert witnesses, organizations.

Child Custody Evaluation - How to get the child custody evaluator to make recommendations in the best interests of your child.

Education and Child Custody - Various Resources on child custody.

Kourts for Kids - Kourts for Kids is a nonprofit organization of volunteers across America, who are working together to find ways to better protect abused children in the family courts.

Lawyers.com - A database of over 440,000 lawyers and firms. Custody Lawyers and Family Law information is available from Martindale-Hubbell.

LegalMatch - Child Custody and Visitation Lawyers - This site provides a database of attorneys. Locate a pre-screened child custody and visitation attorney using this service. Read attorney profiles and pricing before choosing.

National Association of Non Custodial Moms - NANCM.org, the National Association of Non-Custodial Moms is an online support group for moms without custody. A site to find support for yourself or another non-custodial Mom that you may know of.

Neal J. Meiselman - Frequently Asked Questions - An East Coast family lawyer provides answers to frequently-asked questions about divorce, custody and visitation, alimony, separation agreements, and prenuptial agreements.

Nolo's Divorce and Child Custody Resources - Divorce legal information on alimony, filing, mediation, grounds for divorce, settlement, do it yourself divorce forms and more.

Mothers Research and Reference Center - This site includes links to Family Court stories, books to explore and variety of other resources for custodial and non-custodial moms.

Nolo's Divorce and Child Custody Resources - Divorce legal information on alimony, filing, mediation, grounds for divorce, settlement, do it yourself divorce forms and more.

Mothers Research and Reference Center - This site includes links to Family Court stories, books to explore and variety of other resources for custodial and non-custodial moms.

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