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cover Child custody, support and paternity suits are complicated when parents are not or have never been married. This book discusses in plain language the legal rights and duties of unmarried parents. Topics on such important topics as visitation, court procedures and establishing paternity are addressed as well. Self-Help Law Kit with Forms included.

cover The author is a divorced parent inspired by his own custody battle. He compiled info on how the law says parenting shall be conducted when a marriage dissolves. He begins by explaining the laws and court structures that affect custody decisions. He recommends creating parenting plans.

cover Written by Judge James W. Stewart, this book tries to help you avoid costly mistakes in child custody litigation. It explains how custody decisions are made, how to conduct yourself in a custody evaluation, how to devise a workable joint custody plan and how to work with your attorney. Very helpful if you are involved in a child custody case.

cover Helpful tips on collecting what is rightfully yours. Topics covered include finding the absent parent, initiating a wage withholding order, establishing paternity and much more.

cover If any of the next three questions concern you, then you may want to check in to this book. "If I sleep with my boyfriend, could I lose the kids?"
"Should I make a deal--and accept less child support--in order to keep my son?"
"Can a vacation without my kids be considered abandonment?"
This book can help you understand some of these answers. Other topics include choosing a lawyer, mediation, and what to expect in court.

cover This book is a step-by-step guide to child custody geared towards women. Written by a woman who is an experienced psychotherapist, a mom, and a veteran of a bitter custody dispute. This book covers how to find an affordable lawyer, the custody process and how to get though this difficult time.

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